Whoa! Christmas

Christmas Cards Cheerful Type - Front : Ruby
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Anyone else feel the rush of Christmas coming already?  I've already got Christmas catalogs coming the in mail.  My kiddos are already looking at the toys, pointing, and saying "Mommy, look!".  Seriously.  What happened to savoring the moment?  I can already feel the urge to do Christmas shopping, to take advantage of the "deals", to be prepared and on top of the game.  But I am resisting.

Why? Because I don't like rushing.  I enjoy shopping at Christmas time.  I have requested a vacation day in December to specifically shop.  We have a budget set aside for holidays, so the money is sitting there.  I am not any less of a mother if I wait until December to do shopping.  If I do it all now, what will I do during the Christmas season? 

Please forgive my rant if you find it in bad taste.  I find the Christmas season a special, magical time of year.  I want to savor it and make it special for my family.  To me, part of what makes it so wonderful is that it only lasts one month.  There are 11 other months to enjoy life outside of the holiday.  Furthermore, I will not be blogging about Christmas until at least after Thanksgiving.  And until then, I am celebrating autumn, H's upcoming birthday, and Thanksgiving.

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Carly said...

I agree. There's no reason to skip over Thanksgiving anyway...it's my second favorite holiday. I love feasting.