Project Living Room

Here is another update on our living room.  It is still a work in progress, but I like how it is shaping up. (see before pictures here.)

View from the front door.  Yes, we moved the shelves.  They are now more centered on the wall.  

Here is a closer view of the shelves.  I love just about every item on them!

View toward the kitchen.  We use the smaller shelf as a kiddo toy station.  The baskets under the TV are now on the shelves.  The large basket on the shelf as been re-purposed in another room.  The top of the small shelf has our cell-phone charging station and ipod music center.

View back toward front of house.  Hubby's prize leather reclining chair.  It was a steal of a deal at the Pottery Barn Outlet.

Another view toward the front door.  The square basket holds blankets and a few throw pillows.  The smaller round one has shoes.

My accent chair I ordered from West Elm has still not come.  The fabric was on back order.  It shipped the end of September.  And because it was a special order item, it cannot be returned or cancelled.  Seriously, its been almost four months.  Original estimate was 8 to 10 weeks.  ugh.

Here is an updated to do list:
  • purchase accent chair
  • purchase throw pillows for appropriate season fabric and color
  • hem curtains
  • add more curtains for fullness?
  • put up more pictures/artwork
  • disguise ugly cable outlet somehow
  • accessorize shelves
  • replace computer chair
  • add functional end table and lamp?  (have temporary ones in place)
I really want to add some artwork.  We are also thinking about a coffee table, but are afraid it might take up too much room/be a kid hazard/make the place feel squished.  I'll try to post again once the accent chair comes.  Maybe by then I will have some art, too!

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Peggy said...

It looks awesome ! Each piece takes time to make everything come together. I had things like I liked them but now I have to start over and if the decorator doesn't make it happen soon I am not going to be happy. It will get too cold for me to spend all my time outside in the yard.