Birthday Loot

So I had a birthday last month.  I posted about my wish list here.  They day itself wasn't spectacular.  I had to work, it rained most of the day, I gave 18 flu shots before 2pm, it was pretty hectic.  I did receive a sweet card from my hubby and one from my babies (they even colored in the card to "sign" their names!).  Later that week we went for a dinner date to The Melting Pot to celebrate.  I enjoy eating there.  I mean, I eat waaaay too much, but everything is so yummy.  I highly recommend it for a special occasion dinner.

With birthdays often come gifts, and more evidence that I am spoiled well-loved.
Hubby surprised me with a new pair of slippers.  While this may not have been a gift I picked out for myself, I really appreciate the thought he put in to it.  I have been wearing the same pair of slippers since I was a freshman in college.  They may be slightly discolored.  Hubby scoured the internets for a replacement that could surpass my expectations.  And he found them.  They are beautiful fluffy soft lambskin slippers with arch support in "ocean" blue.  I may have worn them just about every day since receiving them.

My Mother-in-law (and Father-in-law, but I know who did the shopping) blessed me with an assortment of gifts from Bath and Body Works.   Candles, lotions, body wash, and a candle holder.  She also gave me a lovely pair of silver earrings and two gift cards.  Don't worry, I don't stink, she just knows how much I love beautiful scents.

My Momma hearts West  Elm almost as much as I do.  In fact, I think she is the one who introduced me to them.  She furthered my stash by gifting me with this vase and two votive holders.  She also gave me these awesome measuring spoons from Anthropologie.  Oh, and mom also gave me two white serving platters.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of them.

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday celebration with family.   They all "know" me enough to gift me with something I love, something soft and comfy, something lovely to smell, and something blingy!  Thank you!

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Peggy said...

You do love the Bling so that is what I get you. We may have to visit Pottery barn this weekend.