Princess Room Update

We have made some updates to the Princess's room. (previous)  Remember the lamp dilemma?  We have a partial solution.  It works for now; I hate to do too much more since I'm not sure how long we will be here.

Isn't the lamp adorable?  It is from Target, my shopping mecca.  I would still love to add some overhead lighting somehow. (paper lanterns?  I'm sure she would rip them down)

The laundry hamper is barely visible on the right side, and on the left is a small box of shoes.

I added the stencils behind the bed, but had a bit of a problem with the paint job.

 See the dark spot?  While I was putting up the last stem, part of the adhesive tape pulled off some paint.  It escalated into a lot more paint.  Several layers, actually.  We had a can of paint left by the owner, so I thought I would touch it up.  As you can see, that really didn't work.  Oops.

The wall art is from Blik, although I purchased it through Land of Nod.  I adore it.

Here is her reading corner.  The basket has books and a few blankets.  The chair is from Land of Nod, the growth chart I found at Home Goods.  Her name picture was a Christmas gift from last year, from Name Your Design.  We also added a few Command hooks at three-year-old height for sweatshirts and tutus (and the occasional swimming "soup").

Somehow, I didn't take pictures of the window.  Could that be because it was so bright?  It has curtains on it, white embroidered sheers in the middle with light green panels on each side.  They allow the light to shine through, but still add a bit of color.

So what do you think?  Its almost complete.  We could still use a bedside table, maybe some overhead lighting, and a clock.  However, I think those three things could be destroyed or mutilated in a single nap time, so we are doing without for now.  I'm working on picking my battles.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE the lamp and dresser decorations and pictures above it. It's so cute. This is definitely a room she can grow into as well.

mme said...

Thank you! I love it, too!