My Little Man

Handsome is almost two!  He is growing up to so quickly!  Luckily, I have some adorable pictures of him to help me remember this age.

  • He loves trains, cars, and airplanes.  He likes trucks, but his poor baby mouth can say the word correctly.  I'm sure you can imagine what he says.
  • He is fighting a pacifier addiction.  We call it a sucker.  Anyway, on his second birthday, all the suckers get tossed.  (It's what we did with the Princess, so we plan on following through with Handsome, too.)  He currently only gets one for nap time and bed time, or when he finds one on the floor.  I swear he has a secret stash somewhere.
  • Loves to sleep, although, once the sucker is gone, I'm not sure that will continue.  (fingers crossed)

 These pictures were taken seconds apart!

I love my little man, even if he is wiggly! 

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