Not so Picture Perfect

A few weeks ago while we were visiting my parents, I conned my dad into taking "family" pictures.  It was a crisp day, perfect for long sleeves and scarves.  Plus, everything was still green. Not that you can tell, since I made most of the pictures black and white.  Heck, we didn't plan outfits for family photos.  Trust me, your glad I'm only showing them in black and white instead of pink, green, purple, blue, and red.  We are a bright family.  Anyway, here are the good ones.

Yes, this kids are moving, and actually I am too.  But we all have mostly pleasant faces.

I have no idea how Handsome was instantly quiet in this picture.  He must have had some deep thoughts.


Hubby and I don't have any pictures of just the two off us.  So my dad snapped a few.  We took them in the backyard (or jungle as my kiddos called it).  The lighting was patchy because of the trees, which can be quite pretty, but hard to photograph two people of very different heights.  It seemed my face was usually dark and Hubby's was bright.  Oh well.

I despise how difficult it is to take family pictures.  I am after the "perfect" one,  You know, when we are all looking at the camera, with happy faces, no one is moving, our outfits aren't abrasive to look at, everyone looks natural and not staged.  I didn't plan on being that kind of mother, but it happened.  And I never get that kind of picture.  But I do have over 2800 pictures in iPhoto.  So you know I try.

Anyone else have picture envy?  Are you a mission for the perfect family photo?  How do you manage?


Jennifer said...

You have an absolutely adorable family and it doesn't matter if you're all sitting still or not, because it's you. These pictures are great and I'm sure I would love them in color too.

mme said...

You are so sweet! Thank you!

Betsy said...

Great pics! You have a beautiful family :)