Some months feel fly by swiftly and drag at the same time.  This is one of those seasons.  A few weeks ago I took my MPJE for NC.  I was a nervous wreck, its been five years since I studied for my SC MPJE and I was afraid I forgot how.  I had loads of odd questions and felt like I failed, but 4 days later I found out I passed with flying colors!  I started the process 5 months ago and it will be a relief to have it completed. Tomorrow, I travel to Chapel Hill for my license and I'll officially be able to work in NC (read: find a job in NC and expand my search criteria).

Meanwhile, I've been had interviews and (another offer!) that came faster than I expected.  Too fast, I suppose, as I'm not in a place to accept them just yet.  We decided to list the house and sell before moving to avoid the two-mortgage/rent-per-month hassle.  Its the wise thing to do, but I'm so done with current work drama/issues its terribly difficult to be an adult and suck it up.  I don't want to talk about it on the Internet, especially while I'm still employed.  Maybe a juicy post will come later.  All I want is to complain, whine and storm out, but I'm trying to think of my family and the long-term solution.  The last few weeks we've tackled painting, yard work, de-cluttering, and packing up unnecessary things to ready the house for showings. Tomorrow, the house goes on the market.

And of course, my kiddos continue to grow and blossom.  My baby boy turned FIVE.  My daughter is talking up a storm and doing well in school.  My husband keeps me grounded and nurtures our family.  We have positive events despite the storms we are weathering.

The few years have been rough, but there is a change coming.  I pray it will be a good one for myself my family, and my career.  Please pray with us that our house will sell quickly.  Please pray a job opens up in a location that is best for my family.  Please pray I don't lose my mind before either one of those come to fruition.


Beauty Favorites: Hair/Skin Care

I've mentioned before I'm obsessed with finding the perfect beauty products.  Here are my favorite finds of the moment.

Face wash: Boots Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Cleansing Mousse.  I use this in the shower every morning.  I love that it is gentle, removes my makeup and isn't over drying.

Hair Care: Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner.  Its a bit pricey, but I think its worth it, especially if you have longer hair.  It gently cleans my hair, doesn't dry, doesn't weigh it down.  Smells great (which is really the key)  Love it.

I use Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Facial Oil immediately after I get out of the shower.
Using it on slightly damp skin helps seal in the moisture.  I follow up with an eye cream.  In the morning, I try to do a light one, usually a sample I've received. Then, I use Malin and Goetz vitamin e face moisturizer. I love how it is light, absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave my face greasy.  Plus, it doesn't cause breakouts.  ok, so I mainly used that in the fall/winter.  once it warmed up in the south it was too much moisture for my skin.  This summer, I discovered Elta MD Suncreen upon a recommendation from my esthetician.  Its the BEST sunscreen I have ever used.  It doesn't smell or feel gross.  I use it as a primer and for the obvious reasons of sun protection. Finally, I use Jouer Matte Moisture Tint (porcelain).  Its a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15.  It evens out my skin tone enough that I don't use foundation, and I love how my face doesn't get shiny.

Before bed, I have a slightly different routine.  I love using Seventh Generation Refreshing Facial Wipes in Lavender (ugh! they've since been discontinued!) followed by the same Fresh Seaberry oil as in the morning.  Then, I also use Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.  I'm lazy, so the wipes provide a quick and easy way to clean my face, plus the lavender scent is relaxing.  Kiehls Eye Treatment is really thick, so I only use it before bed. When I'm feeling particularly indulgent, I also like Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream.  Its the most expensive beauty item I've ever bought, but it is amazing.  It really smooths and softens the skin and I love the scent.  I don't anticipate using it much this summer, nevertheless, I really utilized it last winter.  I think the container has lasted me about five months so far and still going strong.

What are your favorite skin care products?  Isn't it funny how we get in a routine?  I find that once I figure out what works for my skin to minimize break-outs I'm hesitant to switch anything up.  And now that I'm in my 30s, I'm much more eager to keep my skin moisturized to help prevent premature aging.

None of these brands know who I am.  I like reading about "real people" beauty habits, favorite things, and WHY they like/do what they do, so I thought you might too.  I just like to write for fun, I'm not getting paid. ha.


Still on the Hunt

Nine months ago, I posted about looking for a new job.  I've been frustrated in my current situation and finally worked up the guts to do something about it.  Its been an emotional ride.

When I graduated, six years ago, I didn't have to look for a job.  I didn't even interview.  I was offered a position with my current employer.  I was happy with my work, my co-workers were happy.  Heck, I knew people that had worked in the same field for 30 years and still loved it.  I figured I would do the same.  Well, things changed.

I didn't know where to start.  Many factors have changed on the job front, and my once in-demand career is even starting to level out.  I sent out resumes and tried to discreetly ask around.  A local hospital finally called and I had several interviews that led up to a job offer.  Finally!

Unfortunately, I had to decline the offer. There wasn't room for negotiation.  I couldn't forgo health benefits for my family or take a drastic pay cut.  While I am so ready for a change I can almost taste it, I have to be responsible and think of my family.  Durn grown up stuff.  I so desperately wanted to throw in the towel.

Fortunately, I am able to reduce my hours at my current job.  Oddly enough, my salary is still higher than the job offer, plus I retain all my benefits.  While its not my first choice, it will help for the time being.  Now, I'm working on a new plan.

  • Pay off student loans.  I despise these suckers.  If we didn't have them, I could take a drastic pay cut.  Nevertheless, I have a renewed passion to kick 'em to the curb.
  • Finish getting my NC license.  It will make me more marketable and I won't be locked in to my current locale.  End of story.
  • Rethink what I want.  I need this job to work for me and my family as much as I need to work for it.
  • Pray!  I chose this career to glorify God.  He desires for me to use it for Him and provide for my family.  He will guide me to my next step.


Everyday is a Princess Day

My daughter is going through the "princess" phase.  I find it absolutely adorable.  It's only fitting since her nickname has been Princess from day one.  Anyway, she has princess dresses in just about every color and cycles through them throughout the day.

She rides her bike in a pink princess dress adorned with flowers.

She has Hello Kitty sparkle shoes to complete the look.

She needed an Elsa dress and an Anna dress from Target.  We had to visit them before I finally caved and purchased them.

The ladybug dress "flew away" aka got thrown away because it was disintegrating.

Fortunately, Princess dresses are "at home wear" and aren't worn to school or running errands.

Sunday was a scorcher, so she and her brother were playing in the backyard in a small plastic pool.  Previously, they had been drawing with sidewalk chalk on the back porch and needed to take a "bath" to wash off the chalk dust.  A realized the chalk would dissolve in the water (she's been in trouble for doing this before).  So, of course, she chose a new glitter chalk (obviously it was pink) to experiment with.  She swirled it around in the water making pretty patterns before dunking herself in the pool.

Why, might you ask?  To be glittery and sparkly of course.  Princesses are sparkly in case you didn't know.