Moving Update

How's the New Year treating you?  Its a few months in, but I'd say 2015 is turning out pretty well for us.  We had a fresh start right off the bat with a move to a new city, a new job, new schools, etc.  It could have turned out badly, but instead, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

I started my new job right before Christmas.  Which means we moved into an apartment rather quickly.  Space is tight and I've given up on keeping it clean.  I've only unpacked 4 place settings and limited other things, because I know we are moving again!  Shortly, hopefully.  We are on the hunt for our forever home.

A started a new school, and although there have been a few hiccups, she is doing well.  She's in a regular classroom!  She still goes out for speech and gets some resource help as she needs it, but for the most part she on a regular schedule with everyone else!  I'm so proud of her.  She tells us she has fun, and she's a good listener.  I am happy with her progress!

H is ready for school, he wants to go so badly.  Unfortunately, he has to wait until the Fall for Kindergarten.  Instead, he gets to explore our new town with Daddy.  He also really likes lazy mornings watching Dinosaur Train.

And I am loving my new job.  I am still doing retail pharmacy, but switched to a different corporate boss.  It was a bit of a re-learning process.  I had to learn a new computer system, a new workflow, and of course different expectations.  However, the key is I have support staff.  I no longer work alone.  My boss is supportive, the schedule is great, and I work less hours!  Overall, I'm under less stress.

I'm surprised how much my quality of life has improved in a few short months.  I knew I was unhappy and stressed out before, but golly, I can't believe I waited so long to make a change!  I'd say I was depressed and emotionally taxed out.  Not only do I feel more satisfied in my work, but I'm enjoying more quality time with my family, especially my husband.  Life is good!