Birthday Wishlist

So I have a birthday coming up.  And its kind of a big one.  I didn't ask off work so of course I get to work at the farthest store from my house.  That's at least an hour's drive without pesky tourist traffic.  Hopefully, all the tourists will be in school and not on vacation by then.  In order to avoid thinking about the number that will be attached to my I age, I decided to think about the celebration instead.  Something to commemorate my life, thus far.  I think some of you call them gifts

Blue Nile:

Love these earrings!  I am kind of slow getting on the big showy earring trend.  I own one pair of hoops.  While these are not bright, colorful or have feathers attached, I think I could pull them off.  Plus, they are cheaper than diamonds.

Crate and Barrel:

Yes, a coffee table does not quite scream birthday, but I love it.  I have for 8 months or more.  That's a long time for me and furniture.  Its a sign we could make the long haul.  Bonus points for being metal and more difficult for my kiddos to ding up and destroy.


Lovely suede ballet slippers.  I tried some on in a store and they felt heavenly.  I want something quality that will last AND be comfortable.  Something a bit more dressy and lady-like then my standard black clog work shoes.

West Elm:

I am infatuated with mercury glass.  I find it feminine, romantic, and it speaks to my soul.  I love how is seems old, yet is reflective.  I know I don't really make much sense, but I love it!

I have been browsing books.  I haven't seen anything that screams "read me".  I do like most books by Francine Rivers and Dave Ramsey.  Quite a difference, I know.  Oh, I can't really go wrong with a mani/pedi combo.  Especially from this fantastic salon I found here

So have you received a fantastic birthday present?  I like gifts to personal, sentimental, and useful.  It's difficult to find the right balance.  What do you look for in the perfect gift?


Waiting on Irene

Today I am experiencing my first tropical storm.  As most of you are probably aware, Irene is making her presence known on the East Coast.  Luckily, my area is only getting the rain bands.  It started raining around 11am.  It hasn't stopped.  For those of you not previously experienced in tropical storms, it is like a thunderstorm that lasts forever.  However, it does not keep people in the house.  I think storm is a universal code word for "go to your drugstore and wait on your 15 drugs you should have got last week".  Seriously, people, when it rains, I prefer to be in bed with a book while drinking a glass of wine.  Apparently, I am the only one who feels that way.  On the bright side, two days in a row without getting yelled at!  Is it sad that my measure of success is not getting screamed at by a customer?

Anyway, it has been raining for about 10 hours now.  The worst of the storm isn't expected to hit until 1am or so.  We are to expect heavy winds (30-50mph) and 5 to 6 inches of rain.  Floods are possible.  Have I mentioned I get to work all weekend?  I get to go out in this instead of curling up in my bed.  BTW,  hubby took the kids "inland" for the weekend "just in case" we lose power or have flooding.  If that occurs, I'll be at work and will get to figure out what to do when I get home.  Really, that is worst case scenario.  It is very unlikely that will happen.  In the mean time, I have enjoyed a leisurely meal of Chinese food, Toll House cookies, and hard cider.  I am contemplating an early bedtime.  I find the sound of rain soothing.  I'm certainly not used to the quiet around here and might complain of boredom.   I am choosing to be thankful for the peaceful sound of rain and not of kiddos screaming and no tv in the background.  I hope Irene wears herself out soon and the rest of the East Coast gets peaceful rain. 

Hmm...well, I think I might go eat some more cookies before heading off to bed.  Tell me, what are your exciting plans for the weekend?


Its Summertime

We've had a pretty hot summer like the rest of you.  And in case you didn't know, most people don't like to be cooped inside for days on end.  I mean, how much TV can you watch?  Even my kiddos, who are   little couch potatoes in the making, ask to go outside after so long.  And some days I'm not up for a family outing to Target or the grocery store.  We have a budget to stick to, and its difficult when you have an extra four hands "helping" to put things in the cart.  I love the beach, but lets face it, if I can entertain my kids without throwing sand, I'm more inclined to pick the no sand option.  Especially if I am still washing sand out of my hair from the last incident two days ago.  Enter in the "cozy coupe".  Its a life saver.  I didn't buy it.  I don't have helpers buying extra snacks.  I don't have sand being thrown.  My kiddos have learned the concept of sharing and taking turns.  I think its the best gift I have demanded requested for my kids to date.

Yes, it was really hot.  And it wasn't even noon.  I think we were only out 30 minutes before mom got too hot.

Handsome loves to get in and out.  When his turn came around and the door was open to the care, he would shut it, then open it again, in order for him to get in the car.  It even has a lock on the inside.

I hope Princess' driving isn't any indication of what is to come when she is 16.  She likes to drive and get "stuck" in the bushes and have Mommy pull her out.  I don't intend to be playing that game in 13 years.

What is your "go to" activity for hot weather?  What do you do when you run out of  Yo Gabba Gabba episodes?


Favorite Things

Cellphone conversation while on the way home from work.
"Hi, Honey. What are our plans tonight?"

"What is your favorite activity?"

"Ummm...I dunno.  Is this a trick question?"

"Shopping is your favorite activity, right?  You always want to shop and spend money."

"Well, yes, I do find that enjoyable.  But you don't like that.  Really, what are we going to do?"

"Actually, we need to go shopping.  Some crayons got washed with the clothes."

Damn.  Why I haven't I thought of this before?

Anything unexpected happen to you lately?  I'm incredibly thankful for my 30% off coupon to the Gap, and our abundance of outlets close by.


I Know You

Some days are easier then others.  Some days are more difficult.  The difficult days stick around in my head longer.  They can poison the sweet days if you let them.  I am choosing not to let them.

The Lord says, "I have called you by name, you are mine."  Isaiah 43:1

The Lord knows my name.  I am HIS.  It is an amazing feeling to belong to something greater, to be loved by someone greater.  And there is more.

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.  When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned.  Nor shall the flame scorch you." 
Isaiah 43:2

I have been overwhelmed.  I feel like I am drowning.  I don't know what events in my life are the most important, what requires the majority of my focus, what is a priority.  As a result, I am flailing about, my energy is wasted, nothing of importance is accomplished.  I am not going to be poisoned.  I am a the LORDS.  He will not overwhelm me.  He knows my limits.  With my faith in Him, I will not drown.  The God of the universe knows my name, and He claims me as His own.  I find great encouragement in that fact.  I pray with each struggle I face, I will remember this scripture and it will help carry me through.


Sometimes, I am confused whether I live with my husband and two children or a college dormitory.  More often then not I have flashbacks to being 18 and confused by the odors/noises/objects found the common areas.  Do people really live like this?  Why, yes, yes they do.  Little did I know how it would prepare me for parenthood.  So, thank you, Avila, for the mandatory dorm requirement for freshman.

Here are such flashbacks:
  • There is always that one girl babbling incessantly. 
  • You find half eaten food behind the couch pillows, and when you point it out, someone eats it.
  • Your friends don't take "NO" for an answer.
  • There are plastic cups strewn about the room.  All are half full.
  • Your roomies wake you up for a midnight snack run.
  • There is someone walking down the hall with little or no clothes on and they don't seem to care.
  • No one wants to go to bed.
  • There's that stinky guy who always wants to hang out with you.
  • You never know when the next fight will break out.
  • Every piece of furniture has a stain on it, 90% probably contain DNA

Anyone else have anything to add?  


Sunday Night

My babies are adapting very well.  Princess has been asking to go to the beach all weekend.  It hasn't helped that we have had quite a bit of rain and storms the last week and she has been cooped up.  We finally made it Sunday evening.  Princess had been wearing her swimming "soup" all day at her request.

I brought our "old" camera since it is much smaller and easier concealed in towels on the beach.  It really doesn't matter which one I bring to take pictures, I get the same view of my kiddos.

First picture on the beach in the sand.

Second view racing towards the waves.

Third view heading deeper into the ocean.  Then Momma has to run in after the kiddos and convince them to return closer to the shore.  I took 125 pictures and the majority are of my kiddos behinds.  Here are the ONLY ones of my kids faces.  At least I caught some cute expressions.

 Isn't he precious?  And very sandy.  Sand in his ears, nose, mouth, eyelashes, etc.  I'll probably find more tomorrow and he's already had a bath.

Finally, a smile!

He has quite the impish grin.

My Princess loves the water and digging up sea shells.

I don't remember what was so exciting, but I love seeing her happy.

Here she is mid scream.

She probably is about ready to scream here.  She does a lot of screaming.

Love the smile, even if she is throwing sand and shells.

Here is my little sandman.  My kiddos had a blast playing in all the holes and crushing sand castles.  Of course they had to sit in every hole and wiggle around.  It certainly makes for a messy clean-up time.  Our evening at the beach was a relaxing way to end the weekend.

While I am glad I got some pictures of the kids, I remember how much I dislike the older camera.  The pictures are grainier and it takes several seconds to snap a photo.  I'm not telling how many empty photos I took or pictures with simply a hand or back of the head.  As much as I don't like having a heavy camera around my neck, I'm gonna have to get used to it if I want better quality pictures of my kiddos playing around.

So tell me what you accomplished this weekend?  How do you relax on Sunday night?


What time is it?

For those of you on Pinterest, you know what I'm going through.  For those of you not, you need to join.  Email me for an invite or more information.  I'm not that active of a pinner, but I like to look at the decor/fashion/DIY porn as it is.  I might have a problem.  Anyway, there is one such pin that I can't get out of my mind.  So like any bad song stuck in your head, I am going to share it with you.

Isn't he beautiful?  I am slightly obsessed.  I want a giant version of this to go above our sofa.  I don't think I can make one of these ( the website sells kits) and to ship it from Australia would be pricey.  So I'm stuck in a dream until I cough up the money or con someone else into making me one.  Life can be tough sometimes.


Planning Ahead

I have big plans for the weekend.  It mostly involves things around the house.  Lately, I have been squandering my time off.  I end up being lazy and making my "to do" list longer for the next time around.  I keep trying to tell myself I'll have plenty of time to sleep when my kiddos are grown.  Anyway, my hope is to post my list, then maybe I will have some accountability or sense of accomplishment as I strike-through the "dones"  Ready?

  • Hem curtains in living room (measured off, so they are now 4 inches too long instead of 14, oops)
  • Measure existing pillows for pillow covers and WRITE DOWN
  • De-clutter kitchen counters (although I think they are cluttered again already)
  • Make one meal  (bonus points for two meals that will last a few days?!)
  • Hang curtains in Princess room
  • Hang art in kiddo's rooms
  • Have family time on beach
  • Walk on beach by myself early in the morning
  • Go to church
  • Hem curtains in my bedroom
  • Make iced coffee
  • Take pictures of kids, even if they are messy
Ok, so realistically, I won't get ALL of these done, but even if I get five done, I will be happy.  Anyone else in my boat?  Do you have to write a list two days in advance in hopes of getting one third of it done?

UPDATE:  We managed to get nine (9!) done!  I even made cookies I pinned on Pinterest plus an extra meal!  We ran out of butter so I had to stop baking.  Kiddos were even in bed at 8pm both nights!  I guess I should employ this list-making more often.


Fit for a Princess

This past weekend my parents came to visit.  I've been dreaming of this for an eternity.  I finally had the opportunity to walk to the beach with my family and parents.  My father saw for the first time where I live, and the city I have fallen in love with.  But most importantly, I got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, Part 2 with my hubby.  Its been a long time waiting for that one. 

However, the sweet lining of the weekend is for my Princess.  Grandpa and Grandma brought her freshly painted bed!  My MIL graciously offered us a vintage iron bed from the family attic.  My parents washed and painted it a raspberry pink color.

The bedding (from Pottery Barn) was once on my bed.  I think it brightens up a little girl's room quite beautifully.  The sheets are from Target.

The rocking chair was my Mother's and bedside table was Hubby's from college.

Love the pink curves!

Chest of drawers from Ikea, pink boxes from Target, paintings done by my sister-in-law.

 I hope to turn this area into a reading nook.  The table I'd like to paint a different color.  It is a bit short as a bedside table, but it could work for a three year old, right?

Do you think my baby has enough plush friends?  Her brother even keeps a stash in his room.   Also, have you noticed what is missing from the room?  NO LIGHT.  We had placed a table lamp in the room, however, my little Princess has been fascinated with light bulbs.  I'll let you imagine where I found them.  I supposed we will have to wait until she grows up a bit more before it makes its way back.  Overall, I like the look and functionality of the room, though it still has a way to go.

My To Do List:
  • Curtains (white sheers?  former green ones from previous nursery?)
  • Reading nook  (paint table, add more comfy chair, book basket)
  • Lighting (re introduce lamp, maybe to dresser?  paper lanterns above reading nook?)
  • Storage (wall hooks, laundry hamper)
  • Art  (hang name plaque, add flower stick on behind bed?)
What do you think?  I'm really enjoying the pink bed and bright bedding.  I can't wait for the rest to come together!