Fit for a Princess

This past weekend my parents came to visit.  I've been dreaming of this for an eternity.  I finally had the opportunity to walk to the beach with my family and parents.  My father saw for the first time where I live, and the city I have fallen in love with.  But most importantly, I got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, Part 2 with my hubby.  Its been a long time waiting for that one. 

However, the sweet lining of the weekend is for my Princess.  Grandpa and Grandma brought her freshly painted bed!  My MIL graciously offered us a vintage iron bed from the family attic.  My parents washed and painted it a raspberry pink color.

The bedding (from Pottery Barn) was once on my bed.  I think it brightens up a little girl's room quite beautifully.  The sheets are from Target.

The rocking chair was my Mother's and bedside table was Hubby's from college.

Love the pink curves!

Chest of drawers from Ikea, pink boxes from Target, paintings done by my sister-in-law.

 I hope to turn this area into a reading nook.  The table I'd like to paint a different color.  It is a bit short as a bedside table, but it could work for a three year old, right?

Do you think my baby has enough plush friends?  Her brother even keeps a stash in his room.   Also, have you noticed what is missing from the room?  NO LIGHT.  We had placed a table lamp in the room, however, my little Princess has been fascinated with light bulbs.  I'll let you imagine where I found them.  I supposed we will have to wait until she grows up a bit more before it makes its way back.  Overall, I like the look and functionality of the room, though it still has a way to go.

My To Do List:
  • Curtains (white sheers?  former green ones from previous nursery?)
  • Reading nook  (paint table, add more comfy chair, book basket)
  • Lighting (re introduce lamp, maybe to dresser?  paper lanterns above reading nook?)
  • Storage (wall hooks, laundry hamper)
  • Art  (hang name plaque, add flower stick on behind bed?)
What do you think?  I'm really enjoying the pink bed and bright bedding.  I can't wait for the rest to come together!


Jennifer said...

Love the bed! It looks great for princess' room. The bedding is super cute too.

mme said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

Betsy said...

Her room is so cute! I love how you took "heirlooms" and created a her own space. You're so creative :)