Waiting on Irene

Today I am experiencing my first tropical storm.  As most of you are probably aware, Irene is making her presence known on the East Coast.  Luckily, my area is only getting the rain bands.  It started raining around 11am.  It hasn't stopped.  For those of you not previously experienced in tropical storms, it is like a thunderstorm that lasts forever.  However, it does not keep people in the house.  I think storm is a universal code word for "go to your drugstore and wait on your 15 drugs you should have got last week".  Seriously, people, when it rains, I prefer to be in bed with a book while drinking a glass of wine.  Apparently, I am the only one who feels that way.  On the bright side, two days in a row without getting yelled at!  Is it sad that my measure of success is not getting screamed at by a customer?

Anyway, it has been raining for about 10 hours now.  The worst of the storm isn't expected to hit until 1am or so.  We are to expect heavy winds (30-50mph) and 5 to 6 inches of rain.  Floods are possible.  Have I mentioned I get to work all weekend?  I get to go out in this instead of curling up in my bed.  BTW,  hubby took the kids "inland" for the weekend "just in case" we lose power or have flooding.  If that occurs, I'll be at work and will get to figure out what to do when I get home.  Really, that is worst case scenario.  It is very unlikely that will happen.  In the mean time, I have enjoyed a leisurely meal of Chinese food, Toll House cookies, and hard cider.  I am contemplating an early bedtime.  I find the sound of rain soothing.  I'm certainly not used to the quiet around here and might complain of boredom.   I am choosing to be thankful for the peaceful sound of rain and not of kiddos screaming and no tv in the background.  I hope Irene wears herself out soon and the rest of the East Coast gets peaceful rain. 

Hmm...well, I think I might go eat some more cookies before heading off to bed.  Tell me, what are your exciting plans for the weekend?

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Betsy said...

We stayed for Tropical Storm Cindy (which actually became a Huricane 1) and I wouldn't do it again. Tornadoes were dropping down everywhere, power went out, intense heat, and nowhere to go but the hallway. Too scary for me, I'll take a tornado anyday!