Birthday Wishlist

So I have a birthday coming up.  And its kind of a big one.  I didn't ask off work so of course I get to work at the farthest store from my house.  That's at least an hour's drive without pesky tourist traffic.  Hopefully, all the tourists will be in school and not on vacation by then.  In order to avoid thinking about the number that will be attached to my I age, I decided to think about the celebration instead.  Something to commemorate my life, thus far.  I think some of you call them gifts

Blue Nile:

Love these earrings!  I am kind of slow getting on the big showy earring trend.  I own one pair of hoops.  While these are not bright, colorful or have feathers attached, I think I could pull them off.  Plus, they are cheaper than diamonds.

Crate and Barrel:

Yes, a coffee table does not quite scream birthday, but I love it.  I have for 8 months or more.  That's a long time for me and furniture.  Its a sign we could make the long haul.  Bonus points for being metal and more difficult for my kiddos to ding up and destroy.


Lovely suede ballet slippers.  I tried some on in a store and they felt heavenly.  I want something quality that will last AND be comfortable.  Something a bit more dressy and lady-like then my standard black clog work shoes.

West Elm:

I am infatuated with mercury glass.  I find it feminine, romantic, and it speaks to my soul.  I love how is seems old, yet is reflective.  I know I don't really make much sense, but I love it!

I have been browsing books.  I haven't seen anything that screams "read me".  I do like most books by Francine Rivers and Dave Ramsey.  Quite a difference, I know.  Oh, I can't really go wrong with a mani/pedi combo.  Especially from this fantastic salon I found here

So have you received a fantastic birthday present?  I like gifts to personal, sentimental, and useful.  It's difficult to find the right balance.  What do you look for in the perfect gift?

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Betsy said...

The earrings are gorgeous and the vases are breathtaking! This could be bad, my insomnia might lead to some late night shopping thanks to you!