if I were a kid

If I were a kid, I may spend my days drawing in sand.  I might laugh gleefully, make art with my fingers, and dig my toes deeper into the wet sandy goodness.  I would run joyfully away from my parents and straight into the salty waves.  I would cry when we leave and beg to return every morning.  I might choose to wear my swimsuit everyday, even when it rains.

If I were a child, I might love to jump.  Especially jumping in things.  I might jump into holes and roll around, just for the experience.  Rolling around on different terrain might just be my new hobby.  I think I would prefer sand to hard wood floors, rugs, or concrete.  I have a hunch sand is always better.  Although, shells are pretty good too.  But aren't shells and sand essentially the same thing?

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peggy said...

Can't wait to be a kid with your kids playing on the beach.