Vanilla Coffee Beans

I admit, I really enjoy Pinterest.  I am often jealous of the gorgeous things I see and wonder "why doesn't my house look like that?"  I finally did my first "project" if you can call it that.  I bought a few hurricanes and have been trying to figuring out what to put in them.  Fillers are expensive!  I have candles, but something was missing.  I saw a picture of a vanilla candle in a hurricane with coffee beans.  I can do that!  That's pretty simple and inexpensive, especially since I already have the candles. 

I love smelling the coffee when I walk by.  I love not having an empty glass hurricane.  Yay for simple decorating!  Now if only my kiddos will leave it on the table.

Have you implemented anything from Pinterest in your house?  Have you found inspiration somewhere else and made it work for you?


Peggy said...

This is a great idea ! The coffee does smell good but you can use lentils or even red lentils for Xmas. Beans will be cheap and organic to add to your decor. Tomorrow I hope to make a table out of old fence boards.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for hurricanes just like this! Where did you find that one?

mme said...

It is from West Elm, the Simple Hurricane. I love them!