The New? Me

First it was the move.  Then the change of address with the postal service and ALL the bills.  Then, we attempted to get car tags.  We waited for 30 minutes to discover the credit card machine was down and we left the checkbook at home.   oops.  A week or so later, we finally paid the taxes.  I waited 25 minutes in ANOTHER line to get tags only to discover we needed additional information and paperwork from KS about our electronic title.  Its a really long complicated story.  Longer than this one, yes, I know that's hard to believe.  Another week or so later, I trek AGAIN to the DMV and wait another HOUR to explain the situation to a new attendant.  She tarries on to help me get new tags in my new state FINALLY.  Yesterday,  I finally got my driver's license.  It took me an hour.  (that doesn't include the time it took for me to get my hair picture perfect AND find a shirt that doesn't highlight my sunburn.)

Now, I am officially a SC resident.  The only thing left tying my to Kansas is my phone number.  That may even change in a few months.  I haven't decided.  Its the last thing left that reminds me of my heritage.  Wanna know the main reason I want it changed?  It screams TOURIST when I call for take out.  For some reason, I place great importance in assuring others I am a local.  Yes, I realize this is really insignificant, but I'm being honest here.  I imagine the next time we renew our cell phone contract we will change numbers. 

But back to me.  Part of me is thrilled, elated, overjoyed in having my new license, despite the fact I am 5lbs up from my last stated DL weight.  Another part of me wants to cry and mourn the lost of my KSDL.  I mean, that was a good picture and I still had the new mom glow.  My face still shines in my new one, but it because of the humidity.  See my dilemma?  I know in another month I'll be over this,  however, that doesn't refute what I am feeling in the moment.  Moving evokes many emotions, some I want to savor, and some I want to hide.  This one I'm not sure how to categorize.


A.D. McGregor said...

I still have my Kansas license, it and the phone number are the only thing tying me to the homeland. But the DL expires in 2015 -- who knows where I'll be then.

Peggy said...

I have my SC license too, but I flunked the eye exam and had to go back after going to the eye Dr. I still have my KS number and that is my only tie to the state. Mal and Andrew were born there so they will always be Jayhawkers by birth, you will be by school attended.

Sam said...

Love the blog- You will always be a Kansas girl to us! Glad all is working out in SC. I am super excited to come for a visit. I have a really good friend form the army who went to school in NC and loves that area. Our next girls trip is going to be in SC so I will for sure see you then. Probably not until next year sometime but it is coming! Talk to you soon! Sam