Sunday Morning

Labor Day weekend my Momma came to visit.  We enjoyed some beach time that Sunday.  We were hoping to make in the morning before it got too crowded, but I was feeling lazy and it was late morning before we made it.  Nevertheless, we had a good time.  We only where able to take a few pictures before the batteries died.  Ooops.  Oh, well, my Princess is still adorable as ever.  The beach is somewhat eroded from the Irene a few weeks prior.  Basically, the beach is steeper and tide pools are more likely to form as the tide goes out.  We tried to make a little pool for the kids, but the tide was coming in and working against us.  Handsome also worked against us.  He crushed every pile of sand we built up.  Of course our goal was purely selfish.  If we had a "pool" the kids would play in it, instead of running all over the beach.

Princess loves to sit in the water, throw sand and splash about.

Not sure why the lighting is so different.  I think we messed with the settings but honestly I don't know what was changed.  Hubby is in charge of that.  Anyway, I'm happy we have a picture of the Princess smiling.
Needless to say, Princess found an umbrella.  It is meant to go on her little chair.  Handsome has one too.  However, umbrellas are not allowed up in front of the lifeguard stand.  (it affects visibility and accessibility when you have hundreds of them)  Kiddo umbrella chairs are no exception, so we tried to stow them away under the stroller.  Guess who found one and wanted to play with it.  Maybe she was hot or something.  So we quickly snapped a few pictures before confiscating it again.
And here is my only picture of my sandy handsome boy.  Isn't his dimple yummy?  I am simply blessed to have such adorable kids and VERY thankful for our beach nearby.


Peggy said...

We made some good memories that day. I loved it and the kids are so cute.

MOM said...

30 years ago at 5:30 in the morning my water broke. I can't call the Dr. this early on sunday. I went to the hospital and walked the halls to get the labor started. Baby was not coming by 9 pm that night so they opted for a C -section. My beautiful girl was born around 11:30, who has been the joy of my life. I love you beautiful woman of God ! You will always be his daughter and mine ! <3