Style Confidence

My three year old has entered the stage where she is VERY interested in what she wears.  For instance, at this moment in time she is wearing underwear (thank God), a blue and red polka dot swim suit, a long sleeved aqua blue pajama top with elephants on the front, a navy blue blazer style sweatshirt with white polka dots, and pink jelly sandals.  Of course, the sweat shirt must be COMPLETELY buttoned up.  I tried to take a few pictures.  Please excuse the messy house.  I am waiting for nap time so the the clean up will last for more than 5 minutes.

I find this stage adorable.  I love that she is expressing herself without screaming.  I am the mother at the grocery store with her child wearing a sweatshirt in 90 degree weather.  I am proud of her.  I love her independence and confidence.  I pray she can retain her individuality in her teens and early adulthood.  Isn't she beautiful?


Carly said...

She is! Sammy all of the sudden decided he cared about his clothes, too. Today, he wanted a jacket with a hood, and doesn't like it when I layer a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeved one. Which is sad, because he looked really grungy and cute this morning, and now he's just wearing a stained old baggy white long underwear shirt for no reason.

mme said...

its cold enough to wear long sleeves?!? I'm kinda jealous. We are supposed to have cold, rainy weather this weekend (read mid to lower 70s) and I am really looking forward to it!

Carly said...

Yeah, yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all low to mid-60's...it's going back up to the 70's after that for a while, though. It sure does feel like fall, though!