My Kind of Weather

This winter has been amazing.  Or rather, the lack of winter.  I realize most of us have had a fairly mild winter, and I am very thankful.  These pictures are of a day in early February.  It was 60-65 degrees, sunny, and beautiful.  We took the kiddos to a nearby park we recently discovered (its fenced in!) and enjoyed the gorgeous afternoon.

Princess discovered her love of swinging.  Not a month earlier she HATED it.  She saw another little boy swinging (on the big-kid swing, not the little kid one) and HAD to do it.  I'm thinking of asking that little boy over for dinner so he can model eating vegetables and meat.  Do you think it will work?

The pure joy.

She even started jumping out of the swing.  I'm not ready for a daredevil.

Meanwhile, Handsome occupied himself with climbing.

And sliding.

And looking adorable.  Also, he enjoys throwing sand.  My kiddos do not set a good example.  To them, sand is for throwing and rolling around in.  Other children think that must be fun too, because they always come running to join once they see my kiddos doing it.  Then those kids disciplined.  And hubby and I feel guilty for letting are kids instigate trouble.  Have you ever tried to stop a kid from throwing sand?  You're likely to end up with a mouthful.


February Birchbox

As you may have noticed, I've been a bit of a blogger slacker this month.  Life's been busy with house hunting, job drama, plus I didn't feel like I did anything blog-worthy.  I like to post about my Birchbox because it is one thing I have to look forward to every month.  Its my surprise, and as you grow up, those don't happen very often.

  • Glow and Go Travel Puff by colorescience pro.  it is make up on the go, powder in puff form, also available in a compact
  • Designer Liner by eye rock.  stick on cat-eye liner strips
  • Digital Download Green River Ordinance.  six tunes by an indie rock band
  • Waterproof Makeup Remover by La Fresh.  ecco-friendly, moisturizing eye and lip make-up removing wipes
  • G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream by Benta Berry.  an all-natural moisturizer
  • Heart Shaped Nail File because it is cute and fits well in your purse
I love my monthly surprise.  Any of you tried Birchbox?  Any questions or feedback?


New House, the Second Level

Join Princess and I as we give a tour of the second level.  Not quite as exciting since the rooms all look similar, but important none the less.  Ready?


New House, the Main Level

Ready for the main level house tour?  I thought so.

Welcome to our new house! (fingers crossed for smooth closing)  This is the view from front door.  Adorable children don't convey, we had to provide our own.


House Sneak Peek

Ready to see our new house?  After a week, we made it back to take some pictures and measurements.  Its hard to contain my excitement.

Isn't it adorable?  While I'm really not crazy about the gingerbread details, I like the rest.  I might get crazy and take them down someday.

And here is a view our future neighbors.  I love the mix of house styles

I love my back porch!  We plan on screening in the porch eventually.  I can't wait, as I really don't like bugs.

There is a large vacant area next to our house.  Part of that will be a landscaped buffer zone; the other part will be a dog park.  Hubby thinks that's a great plan for our future dog.

Another view of our backyard.  Our property line is only to the black (which will come down soon).  However, there is a guaranteed 100 feet buffer of trees between us and a future residential development.  No one has bought the land yet, so its still a few years off.  We hope to put a fence in (must be black wrought iron per HOA) before hubby can bring home a dog.  (see a theme here?)

Lots of plans to think about, but I find it exciting.  We can take our time and make it how we want it and perfect for our family.  That's the dream of home-ownership, right?


House Plans

We found a house!  I don't have pictures of the place just yet (maybe next weekend), but I did find the floor plans online.  Will this keep you interested until I find the time to take some pictures?

First floor.

Second floor

We are terribly excited.  I didn't anticipate on finding a place this quickly.  If all goes as planned, we will close at the end of March and move in April.  I can't wait to have more space and make this house a home.  My favorite parts so far our the pantry and bonus room (future playroom).  I'll keep you posted on our progress.