House Sneak Peek

Ready to see our new house?  After a week, we made it back to take some pictures and measurements.  Its hard to contain my excitement.

Isn't it adorable?  While I'm really not crazy about the gingerbread details, I like the rest.  I might get crazy and take them down someday.

And here is a view our future neighbors.  I love the mix of house styles

I love my back porch!  We plan on screening in the porch eventually.  I can't wait, as I really don't like bugs.

There is a large vacant area next to our house.  Part of that will be a landscaped buffer zone; the other part will be a dog park.  Hubby thinks that's a great plan for our future dog.

Another view of our backyard.  Our property line is only to the black (which will come down soon).  However, there is a guaranteed 100 feet buffer of trees between us and a future residential development.  No one has bought the land yet, so its still a few years off.  We hope to put a fence in (must be black wrought iron per HOA) before hubby can bring home a dog.  (see a theme here?)

Lots of plans to think about, but I find it exciting.  We can take our time and make it how we want it and perfect for our family.  That's the dream of home-ownership, right?


Carly said...

LOVE it! Even the gingerbread details, they are sort of cute, in context...anyway, it'll make Christmas decorating easy. INSIDE PICTURES, SLACKER!

mme said...

Thanks! I have inside pictures, but you'll just have to wait another week. Just kidding. Keep a lookout for them later this weekend.