New House, the Second Level

Join Princess and I as we give a tour of the second level.  Not quite as exciting since the rooms all look similar, but important none the less.  Ready?

Bonus room at the top of stairs.  AKA playroom.

Another view, doors lead to linen closet and bathroom.

Doorway to front bedroom.

Front bedroom.  Probably office/guest room.  Yay for visitors!  Who is coming first?

Double door closet in guest room.

Handsome's bedroom.

Walk-in closet.

Princess' Room  (they are right next to each other)

Walk-in closet for the Princess.

Upstairs linen closet.

Upstairs bathroom.  There is a double vanity, although you can't see it.

Separate tub and toilet room.

So that concludes our house tour!  I hope you enjoyed it.  We are thrilled to have room for guests and provide a homey place for our children.  I can't wait to decorate and add our personal touches.


tiffany said...

Love it!!! Congratulations to you guys. How close is the nearest starbucks? ;)

mme said...

Thanks! There are actually TWO Starbucks nearby (one in Piggly Wiggly and one in B&N) they aren't really walking distance, but close enough for on the way to work! (you know Starbucks was on my house must-have checklist)