Soak Your Troubles Away

Sometimes after a long day, or maybe not even a long one, just a loud one, its nice to unwind.  I'm not normally a bath person, but occasionally its nice to lock a door behind you and soaking in a tub is a reasonable excuse to lock yourself up.  Do you follow?

Last weekend I need an excuse, so I drew the hottest water I could stand (or sit in), threw in some epsom salts and bubbles, lit a few candles, and had a glass of wine.  I turned out the lights, put a mud mask on my face, and a hair mask on my hair and relaxed until I was bored.  Which was only about 5 minutes.  Then I made myself sit longer because I didn't want to waste the hot water. Maybe I need a TV in the bathroom. Finally, I climbed out, dried off, slathered my skin in lotion.  Consider me relaxed.


Master Bedroom Paint Reveal

Remember when I said we were painting?  Well, we did it.  I struggled a bit with choosing a color.  You know how sometimes there is a "right" choice?  Then there is the choice you want to make but everyone tries to talk you out of it and deep down your afraid to make it because you know it isn't safe.  Well, that's the choice I made.  The color I wanted, but was afraid to choose.  I chose it.  And I couldn't be happier.

Here is the terrible before:


June Birchbox

Another month, another Birchbox!  This month was full of lovely samples fulfilling a travel theme.

My surprises included:
  • Stretch Mark Cream by Apothederm.
  • Hand Sanitizing Wipes by CleanWell
  • Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF by Scalisi Skincare
  • Stainiac (lip and cheek stain) by theBalm cosmetics
  • plus Dress Up Band-Aids by Cynthia Rowley (not pictured, I took the box to work before I took the picture)
So far, my favorites are the moisturizer and the cheek/lip stain.  Its too bad the moisturizer is so pricey, but then the really good ones usually are.  Want to see more boxes?  Check out these: May, April, March, February, and January.


A Year in the South

Its been a year since we picked up a moved halfway across the United States.  Let's take a look back and see what's happened.

I could go on....I haven't even reflected on recipes or house updates.  Needless to say, we've been busy.  If I knew a year ago all the changes and challenges we would face I'm not sure I would have boarded that plane.  While the last year has been difficult, I am choosing to remain optimistic that life will get better.  After all, I choose my attitude and actions.  My children have had many experiences the Midwest cannot offer and the beach still remains a few miles from our home.  Not to mention our parents and in-laws are much closer.  It's my life, and I'm going to make it wonderful.  Here's to another eventful year in the South!

Soul Detox

Its been a little while coming, but I've been needing a soul detox.  My job isn't the most jolly of places, my kiddos are/have been in a screaming phase, we've moved across the country leaving behind our church, friends, the only sense of normalcy I've known, and the closest Chipotle is three hours away.  Yes, I know these are third world problems, but they hurt me just the same.  I'm very thankful for my house, family, and we have plenty to eat.  But I still feel something's missing.

I noticed at the smallthingsblog.com she joined the #SheReadsTruth community, so of course I clicked the link to see what it was all about.  I browsed around before I found the study they were reading from.  Turns out, its from YouVersion and there is an app, but I don't have a fancy phone.  So I signed up directly from the YouVersion website and browsed the reading plans.  The Soul Detox plan is what the SheReadsTruth community is doing, and it speaks to me as well, so I jumped right in.


I decided to start from the beginning, so I read my first one last night.  I'm getting excited for a change.  I feel toxic inside and its spreading to other aspects of my life.  I don't want to be remembered as bitter or negative at work, by my kids, or my hubby. I need to change something, and digging into to the Bible is great place to start.

Feel free to join me, a little encouragement never hurt anyone.


Family Kingdom

One of the perks of our new hometown is an amusement park 10 minutes away.  And not just any theme park, an oceanfront park with local discounts.  Plus funnel cakes.  What more can you ask for?

We decided to take the kiddos one evening to see how they could handle it.   I'm sure it will be tourist central in a matter of weeks and I'm not the type to wait in lines with impatient kiddos and sweaty strangers.

Princess nearly had a meltdown before we even made it in.  She saw too many things she wanted and became overwhelmed.  She is definitely struggling with learning patience and delayed gratification.  We finally convinced her the fun stuff was at the back (kiddie rides) while walking swiftly, dragging her behind me.

Handsome was too small to ride the first one, however,  Princess couldn't wait to sit in the ladybug.  As it started to spin, she was a bit unsure, but once it was over she wanted to go again!  That's my girl!


Flowers and Cars

Princess loves to water flowers.  She also likes to pick flowers and trim the leaves with scissors.  I am encouraging her to pursue her love of watering flowers and we having been making it a habit every morning.  Sometimes, we water toes as well.

That is black sharpie on her big toes.  They are not bruised or broken.



We have a new family member!  Meet Coco!

I have not-so-secretly been wanting a cat for quite some time.  The usual excuses have prevented me from getting one for several years, living in a rental, having a baby, impending cross-county move, etc.  since we bought the house, its been in the plan to get a family pet.  Hubby has dreams of getting a dog, and me, a cat.  It just so happened that a cat found her way to us a bit sooner.

One weekend at work, my employees found a kitten in a storm drain.  We had some thunderstorms recently, and she was stuck.  They rescued her and took her to a vet.  She is young, but otherwise in good health and unharmed.  Monday evening, I found myself with a new kitten.

She is adjusting well, and so are the kiddos.  Princess decided on day 2 she was terrified of the cat and refused to be in the same room.  However, that evening she relaxed a bit, and although she doesn't want the cat to sit on her, she does give it kisses goodnight and has even stroked her.  I also give credit to Princess for the name.  It took about four days.  I asked Princess what we are going to call the cat ("kitty" is not an acceptable name) and true to her nature, everything I suggested, was refuted with a bold "NO".  However, when I suggested "Coco" she said "Coco kitty!"  The name has stuck and Coco has become family.

Memorial Day

We took a quick trip to my parents house for Memorial Day.  With our hectic work schedules, we realized it would be a month or more before we could enjoy a whole weekend, so we decided to squeeze in a visit now.

As an impromptu visit, we didn't have much planned.  No plan often equals lazy time around the house, which usually isn't a bad thing.  We did make time to take the kiddos to a playground.  It. was. hot.  But I did get a few pictures.

Aren't these two adorable?


Operation Vacation

OK, so my idea of a vacation is probably not normal.  I actually made several lists of projects I wanted to accomplish around the house.  Projects like, weeding, mulching, painting, and the like.  Hubby wasn't really amused, his idea of vacation is spending an afternoon at the pool or beach.  I can't relax when I know there is a project to be done!

Painting our bedroom has been at the top of my list for some time.  I just wasn't sure what color.  Finally, I decided I wanted some sort of gray.  After a few weeks of picking up paint chips, reading design blogs, and pinning gray rooms on Pinterest, I had three samples mixed and painted stripes on my wall.

I waited a day or two before deciding.  I wanted the end result to be gray, not blue.  My vision is to have a moody, cozy, cool, relaxing bedroom.  I love sleeping in on cloudy, rainy days.  I love thunderstorms and find them relaxing. 

#1 gray horse, #2 moonshine, #3 gray owl, all by benjamin moore

And as luck would have it, it was a cloudy afternoon when I took these pictures, so the room was a bit dark.  I think all these colors actually photograph darker than in person.  So what do you think?  Which option would you choose?