Soak Your Troubles Away

Sometimes after a long day, or maybe not even a long one, just a loud one, its nice to unwind.  I'm not normally a bath person, but occasionally its nice to lock a door behind you and soaking in a tub is a reasonable excuse to lock yourself up.  Do you follow?

Last weekend I need an excuse, so I drew the hottest water I could stand (or sit in), threw in some epsom salts and bubbles, lit a few candles, and had a glass of wine.  I turned out the lights, put a mud mask on my face, and a hair mask on my hair and relaxed until I was bored.  Which was only about 5 minutes.  Then I made myself sit longer because I didn't want to waste the hot water. Maybe I need a TV in the bathroom. Finally, I climbed out, dried off, slathered my skin in lotion.  Consider me relaxed.


Carly said...

I do that, but I bring a novel with me. I can "take a bath" for hours, haha.

his little lady said...

oh gosh, i haven't taken a bath in years. but candles and the lights turned out. it all sounds perfect!!!!
xo TJ

Rachael @ Frugal Faye said...

Oohhh my goodness that sounds lovely right now! I"m pretty sure I have done the same thing! LOL! Sometimes I bring my Better Homes and Gardens magazines in the tub since I don't care if they get a little soap on them.