Dressing up the Back

My flower obsession has moved from the front of the house to the back.  Remember when my momma and I worked on the front?  Well, I've really been bitten by the gardening bug and find myself dreaming of what I can plant next.

I first saw these pots at Crate and Barrel, but the price was a bit steep; so when I found similar ones at Target for 30% off I knew it was my destiny. 

In my mind, I planned of re-potting a few plants, but of course I needed to get a few more plants.  So of course an trip to Lowes was in order.  That place is like a crack house.  Flowers are my high.  Stupid things like money and what my husband thinks are no object when my eyes are mesmerized by lovely blooms.  Lucky me made another trip to Target to get a few more pots.  I really had to cut it off.  Thirty minutes later, my back porch made my heart flip-flop.  I love it.

Here are a few closer-up photos:

I adore the bright colors. They make my heart sing.  Not me, because I can't sing, but they make me wish I could.

Now, I am waiting for fall.  Its too hot to plant anything now.  But that doesn't stop me from dreaming of what else I can dig up.  Here's my wish list so far:
  • plant a Magnolia tree
  • more hydrangeas
  • find a place for a Camellia or three
  • introduce a ground cover
Do you have any favorites?

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