Stuff to Work On

It seems there is always a list of things to be done, whether it is necessary or simply improvements I want to do.  This is where I try to keep track of those projects.

  • replace pine straw with mulch
  • plant magnolia tree
  • plant a camellia
  • add gutters
  • screen in the back porch
  • fence in the back yard
  • make an outdoor shower
  • plant climbing jasmine grow up the front porch
  • plant something around the utility boxes
  • plant oleander outside the bathroom window
  • make compost bin
  • level backyard
  • make path to side yard
  • edge the flower beds
  • stain or paint concrete floor on porch
Master Bedroom
  • paint walls
  • get night stands and lamps
  • upgrade bed to king size and replace mattresses
  • add crown molding
  • end of bed bench or trunk?
  • hang meaningful art
  • replace/modify ceiling fan light to something lovely
  • replace carpet with wood floors or better carpet?
Master Bathroom
  • frame vanity mirror
  • paint
  • hang curtains
  • frost windows
  • hang meaningful art
  • redo bathtub to something less bulky (clawfoot? remove completely?)
  • replace door with pocket door or barn door?
Master Closet
  • replace carpet
  • get shoe storage (shelves?)
  • easy linen storage
Living Room
  • paint walls
  • add crown molding
  • hang curtains
  • add shelves--built ins to frame fireplace
  • get a comfy couch
  • find the perfect coffee table 
  • basket for throws and pillows
  • hang meaningful art
  • replace rug
  • mount tv over fireplace
Kitchen/Eating Area
  • paint (must compliment Living Room)
  • hang curtains
  • add open shelves
  • redo backsplash tile
  • add beadboard under bar
  • finish chalkboard wall
  • upgrade light fixture over table
Laundry Room
  • paint
  • replace washer and dryer with stacking units
  • add hooks and shelves for storage
  • add fun decal to wall
  • upgrade light fixture with something fun
Dining Room/Living Room?
  • get dining table and chairs (seat 6-8)
  • paint
  • hang curtains
  • re-center light fixture and upgrade
  • get sideboard/buffet table
  • add 2 slipper chairs?
  • rug
  • add art
Half Bath
  • paint
  • add beadboard halfway up walls
  • hang meaningful art
  • hang hooks for coats
  • bench?
  • shoe storage
  • console table for keys and mail?
  • create gallery wall
  • paint (hire someone!)
  • change stairs to wood instead of carpet
Bonus Room
  • toy storage
  • hang diplomas
  • add inspirational art and book art
  • buy pull-out couch
  • add roman shades or curtains
  • paint/stencil wall
  • add crown molding
  • add computer/TV table
  • change out flooring
Upstairs Bathroom
  • paint
  • frame mirror
  • hang double shower rod
  • add fun art
  • get laundry hamper
  • add floating shelves
Princess' Room
  • paint
  • hang curtains
  • add meaningful art
  • hang baby quilt on wall?
  • add ceiling fan
  • get nightstand
  • add rug
Handsome's Room
  • paint
  • add curtains
  • get ceiling fan
  • purchase big boy bed/nightstand
  • get rug
  • hang meaningful art
Guest Room/Computer Room
  • get bed for guests
  • hang curtains
  • paint
  • hang art or stencil wall
  • wallpaper back of bookshelves
  • add hooks to walls for guitars?
  • upgrade light fixture
  • add shelves for storage
  • hang hooks for bike storage
  • add deep freezer
  • get more shelves

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