Gold Dust

This last weekend, I attempted to tackle my bucket list.  One of my amazing co-workers and I went to Silas and Maddie's for ice cream with my kiddos.  We planned it out for days; trying to avoid graduation mayhem in a college town, watchful for good weather, and most importantly, nap schedules.   We had awesome luck. While the line was out the door, it moved quickly and was definitely worth the wait.  Oddly enough, we both chose the same flavor, Gold Dust.  It is vanilla ice cream with Oreos, Snickers, and caramel.  Pure deliciousness, especially served in a waffle bowl.   I should go again so I can get a picture.  Princess liked it, except for the snicker chunks.  Those were immediately dropped on the ground.   Handsome snubbed his nose.  He ate some, but I think he was boycotting because I wouldn't let him hold the spoon.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we walked to South Park.  It was crawling with kiddos and parents.  Somehow, one bum managed to sleep through the chaos on a park bench.  My kiddos, as usual, preferred to play in separate areas.  Handsome made a bee line for the stairs on the tallest slide.  I casually walked behind him until I realized he had no fear and was going to slide down by himself, without hesitation.  I rushed down to the bottom, but he was already there, ready to go again.  Boys.   I tried to keep them on the shady side.  It worked for a bit, and I got a few pictures.

Handsome loved this alligator. I gently bounced it for him, but of course he soon figured out how to make it move. Let's just say he made it jump more vigorously. Another not so suprising difference between boys and girls.

This is pretty much the only picture of Princess.  She is far too busy to be bothered with pictures or to even look at the camera.  Maybe next time.

All in all, we had a great time.  The kiddos got worn out, mom got a few pictures, and we all got ice cream.   Princess didn't even throw a fit when we left!  She waved and told everyone "buhbye" a million times.  Even more impressive, Tiffany and I didn't talk about work!  That's true friendship.  So what did you do this weekend? Anyone else eat ice cream and jump on alligators?


Mini Vacay

Most of you know hubby and I took an extra long weekend to the coast in order to secure housing for our impending move. Being the first time away from our children overnight, much less four nights, we weren't sure what to do. Two things were on our mind, sleep and food, both perferably without interruptions. Beyond that, we didn't have any plans. So, we improvised; made up rules as we went.
First rule, NO McDs. None. We actually avoided fast food the entire time while were gone. The exceptions were airports, were we really didn't have a choice. Does Starbucks count? I'm saying no, since its just a drink. Otherwise, we ate were our food was brought to us. We ate s-l-o-w-l-y. We enjoyed all-you-can-eat crab legs and seafood, pizza, (twice!) PF Chang's, a local bakery/bistro, and even Chili's.
Second rule, eat food unattainable in Kansas. I know we broke that with Chili's, but seriously we don't get to eat there anymore. We enjoyed mostly local establishments.
Third rule, coffee every morning. There were two Starbucks where we were staying, and of course one in Target. Our morning iced white chocolate mocha with notfat milk signaled we were serious about the day. I'm pretty sure I gained 5 pounds. Maybe 7. And I was doing so well before we left. At least we did some walking. I also got to do a bit of shopping. Yippee for JCrew Factory store! I think we went to Target three times.
Fourth rule, peruse shopping venues for future houseware purchases. We price shopped for pots and pans, shower curtains, deck furniture, etc. Its a good thing we couldn't buy anything. Our hotel was a studio apartment style place in a shopping area. We were literally living above Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. Needless to say, I had sweet dreams every night.
Fifth rule, sleep in. This one didn't work. And not for lack of trying. The bed was a Murphy bed with hard pillows. Ugh. We had East facing windows. I woke at first light, neither of us really slept until we got home. I guess you can't win them all.
We did get to walk on the beach, and we visited the Garden City Pier. It is in the town I will be working, and the only place we took "vacay" pictures.

The water was a beautiful blue-green, the air smelled sweet, we were "home", almost. Less than a month until it will be! Who is going to be my first visitor?



What's worse than being sick?  Going to work sick.  What's worse than that?  Coming home to a sick family.  Yup, we're all sick.  I've been dealing with this crud for about three weeks.  I actually felt fine in MB, so I'm blaming it on KS.  The kiddos and hubby got sick after we got back.  Now, we are all on antibiotics and a cocktail of o-t-c products.  We (read: me and hubby) are supposed to be getting lots of rest but that really isn't happening. So its been lots-o-fun here with two sinus infections, two ear infections, one case of bronchitis, and upper respiratory infections all around.  I think I've spent more on medicine this week than I have in the last year, maybe three years.  Anyone else fighting the crud?  I'll send you some virtual Lysol.  Spray your screen after reading, remember, I warned you.


Round Two

So you have seen the downstairs, now time for an upstairs tour.

Obviously, these are the stairs going up. The door at the top is the utility closet.

This is the first bedroom.

Nice large closet. I'm thinking toy storage. Probably Handsome's room.

View into the hallway.

Upstairs bathroom.

The little door is a linen closet. Both full bathrooms have one!


Front bedroom

Smaller closet, but it's deep. Probably Princess' room.

Back downstairs.

Out these doors is this:

A nice deck area for the kiddos to play and hubby to BBQ on. The small door is an outgside storage area, but we aren't sure if we will have access to it yet.

We are so excited for this house. I think it will be the perfect transitional house for on the coast. The beach is two blocks away, we are within walking distance to a grocery store, our bank, restaraunts, mini golf, etc. The hospital and health care is close by. Do you remember my firstwish list ? This house pretty much nails it, plus gravy. We are very muched blessed!

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Round One

Here are the much anticipated house pictures! I am so excited to share them with you, almost as excited as I was to see them for the first time. Almost. Anyway, here is the outside.

Entering the front door, the living room is on the left.

I love the vaulted ceiling. The walls are a light sandy color.

This is looking back to the front door, you can see the master.

This is the dining area, next to the living room. There is a wall that separates them. Don't you love the color? It looks like the ocean.

The curtains stay. They are hiding sliding glass doors that open out to a deck.

Lovely kitchen next to the dining. The closed door is a half bath. The open door is a laundry room.

Love LOVE love the pantry!

View from the kitchen to dining room.

Ok, so we are back at the front again. I didn't think you really wanted to see the laundry room.

Master bedroom

Closet and door to master bath.

Good size closet and shelves

Door to entryway.

Double sinks! The bathroom also has linen closet.

Master bath. Sorry about the lighting. The walls are the same blue/green color.

So this concludes the first floor tour. Isn't is beautiful? What is your favorite room? I can't wait to move in!


Happy Momma's Day

Dear Momma,

I miss you.  I can't remember the last time I saw you for Momma's Day.  I know it won't be this year, even though I am close by.  But in little over a month, we will have the whole weekend.  Can you puh--leeeeaaase wait until then?  Thanks, I knew you'd be understanding.

Speaking of understanding, I understand you more, now.  More than I did three years ago.  And I want to say thank you.  Thank you for the sacrifices you made.  The ones we hear about, but don't understand until we make them ourselves for our children.  You know, the ones where you always pee with a kiddo in the room.  The lack of privacy is forgotten when you get a standing ovation for "going in the potty".  The sacrifice of eating every meal standing up while watching the kiddos with an hawks eye.  When you do sit down, you're always looking over your shoulder to make sure no one is drawing in the walls.  Thank you for listening to my every fear and worry.  Thank you for making me feel like I'm your favorite kid, when I know even more now there is no favorite child.  Each one is special and loved no more, no less.  A momma's love only grows.
Thank you for allowing me to falter and fail.  For allowing me to learn from my mistakes.  For making your own mistakes so I could also learn from those. 
But mostly, thank you for trusting me to Someone Else.  Thank you for praying for me and my future spouse.  You knew you couldn't watch me always, listen always, lead always, or comfort me always, but Someone Else can.  Your prayers to our Heavenly Father certainly helped.
Today, I thank God for trusting me to you.  For allowing us to learn from each other.

Happy Momma's Day!

Love Always,


Packing Update

Most of you know we are moving cross country in about a month.  I've been planning it since January.  My must-have-everything-planned mentality has forced me to make lots of lists to be done and crossed.
We started with a list of things-to-move and things-to-not.  Then a list of things to-toss and things to sell/give away.  We only have three things (chairs) left on the things-to-give-away list!  Still more to be tossed, but most will have to wait until closer to departure.  Anyone need a chair?  You must pick it up.  I'm not moving it.
I started bring boxes home from work in February.  We've(me) slowly been packing up books, cds, dvds, etc.  I moved on to winter clothes, kids clothes for the next season and some decor.  I've also removed 99% of the pictures off the walls and bubble wrapped them.  I have stacks of boxes in our bedroom and the basement.  Every room has had at least one purge.
Originally, we planned on having a garage sale, but my stuff has disappeared quickly by word of mouth.  Plus, my Grandma's church has an annual community garage sale, so I donated my unwanteds to them so I don't have to deal with a garage sale and two toddlers.  Yay!  Any tips on how to get hubby to purge more items?
I'm down to piles of miscellaneous "things".  I need a fresh set of eyes to help me see through the resident junk.  I wish I had a pick up truck I can fill up and take to a dumpster.  I try to throw trash in boxes, but kiddos like to pull it out an re-purpose it elsewhere.  So while I am going temporarily insane in my box-mountain ghetto, I am trying to dream of this: