Mini Vacay

Most of you know hubby and I took an extra long weekend to the coast in order to secure housing for our impending move. Being the first time away from our children overnight, much less four nights, we weren't sure what to do. Two things were on our mind, sleep and food, both perferably without interruptions. Beyond that, we didn't have any plans. So, we improvised; made up rules as we went.
First rule, NO McDs. None. We actually avoided fast food the entire time while were gone. The exceptions were airports, were we really didn't have a choice. Does Starbucks count? I'm saying no, since its just a drink. Otherwise, we ate were our food was brought to us. We ate s-l-o-w-l-y. We enjoyed all-you-can-eat crab legs and seafood, pizza, (twice!) PF Chang's, a local bakery/bistro, and even Chili's.
Second rule, eat food unattainable in Kansas. I know we broke that with Chili's, but seriously we don't get to eat there anymore. We enjoyed mostly local establishments.
Third rule, coffee every morning. There were two Starbucks where we were staying, and of course one in Target. Our morning iced white chocolate mocha with notfat milk signaled we were serious about the day. I'm pretty sure I gained 5 pounds. Maybe 7. And I was doing so well before we left. At least we did some walking. I also got to do a bit of shopping. Yippee for JCrew Factory store! I think we went to Target three times.
Fourth rule, peruse shopping venues for future houseware purchases. We price shopped for pots and pans, shower curtains, deck furniture, etc. Its a good thing we couldn't buy anything. Our hotel was a studio apartment style place in a shopping area. We were literally living above Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. Needless to say, I had sweet dreams every night.
Fifth rule, sleep in. This one didn't work. And not for lack of trying. The bed was a Murphy bed with hard pillows. Ugh. We had East facing windows. I woke at first light, neither of us really slept until we got home. I guess you can't win them all.
We did get to walk on the beach, and we visited the Garden City Pier. It is in the town I will be working, and the only place we took "vacay" pictures.

The water was a beautiful blue-green, the air smelled sweet, we were "home", almost. Less than a month until it will be! Who is going to be my first visitor?


Peggy said...

I want to be the first visitor but I think Stephens parents will be .

Carly said...

We won't be the first visitors, but you can count on having all four of us camped out on your living room floor at some point in the future.