Packing Update

Most of you know we are moving cross country in about a month.  I've been planning it since January.  My must-have-everything-planned mentality has forced me to make lots of lists to be done and crossed.
We started with a list of things-to-move and things-to-not.  Then a list of things to-toss and things to sell/give away.  We only have three things (chairs) left on the things-to-give-away list!  Still more to be tossed, but most will have to wait until closer to departure.  Anyone need a chair?  You must pick it up.  I'm not moving it.
I started bring boxes home from work in February.  We've(me) slowly been packing up books, cds, dvds, etc.  I moved on to winter clothes, kids clothes for the next season and some decor.  I've also removed 99% of the pictures off the walls and bubble wrapped them.  I have stacks of boxes in our bedroom and the basement.  Every room has had at least one purge.
Originally, we planned on having a garage sale, but my stuff has disappeared quickly by word of mouth.  Plus, my Grandma's church has an annual community garage sale, so I donated my unwanteds to them so I don't have to deal with a garage sale and two toddlers.  Yay!  Any tips on how to get hubby to purge more items?
I'm down to piles of miscellaneous "things".  I need a fresh set of eyes to help me see through the resident junk.  I wish I had a pick up truck I can fill up and take to a dumpster.  I try to throw trash in boxes, but kiddos like to pull it out an re-purpose it elsewhere.  So while I am going temporarily insane in my box-mountain ghetto, I am trying to dream of this:

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