Gold Dust

This last weekend, I attempted to tackle my bucket list.  One of my amazing co-workers and I went to Silas and Maddie's for ice cream with my kiddos.  We planned it out for days; trying to avoid graduation mayhem in a college town, watchful for good weather, and most importantly, nap schedules.   We had awesome luck. While the line was out the door, it moved quickly and was definitely worth the wait.  Oddly enough, we both chose the same flavor, Gold Dust.  It is vanilla ice cream with Oreos, Snickers, and caramel.  Pure deliciousness, especially served in a waffle bowl.   I should go again so I can get a picture.  Princess liked it, except for the snicker chunks.  Those were immediately dropped on the ground.   Handsome snubbed his nose.  He ate some, but I think he was boycotting because I wouldn't let him hold the spoon.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we walked to South Park.  It was crawling with kiddos and parents.  Somehow, one bum managed to sleep through the chaos on a park bench.  My kiddos, as usual, preferred to play in separate areas.  Handsome made a bee line for the stairs on the tallest slide.  I casually walked behind him until I realized he had no fear and was going to slide down by himself, without hesitation.  I rushed down to the bottom, but he was already there, ready to go again.  Boys.   I tried to keep them on the shady side.  It worked for a bit, and I got a few pictures.

Handsome loved this alligator. I gently bounced it for him, but of course he soon figured out how to make it move. Let's just say he made it jump more vigorously. Another not so suprising difference between boys and girls.

This is pretty much the only picture of Princess.  She is far too busy to be bothered with pictures or to even look at the camera.  Maybe next time.

All in all, we had a great time.  The kiddos got worn out, mom got a few pictures, and we all got ice cream.   Princess didn't even throw a fit when we left!  She waved and told everyone "buhbye" a million times.  Even more impressive, Tiffany and I didn't talk about work!  That's true friendship.  So what did you do this weekend? Anyone else eat ice cream and jump on alligators?


Carly said...

Did I tell you I finally had to stop chasing the babies up and down and all around the playground? They are fearless, both of them, and, like you said, on opposite sides of the playground at all times. Of course, that being said, Jubee fell off once, a couple of months ago, and wound up with a mild concussion. Seriously. It was severely icky. So now I just pick super safe play grounds, haha.

Peggy said...

I went to Reno, Tahoe and Virginia City last weekend. Worn out but have to get up early for work.