I am thankful

This is the time of year we are more mindful of giving thanks and I am no exception.  We didn't do a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year, as our house was on the market and I didn't want an unnecessary mess to clean up in a rush.  To Medieval Times we went!  The kiddos had a blast and I didn't have a mess.

That turned out to be an amazing decision, as we had showings every day that week, with two on Wednesday.  Wednesday night, we heard an offer was imminent.  Friday it came and Saturday we were under contract!  I am acting surprised, but I shouldn't be.  My husband and I asked God to sell it for us.  I have a job offer, but I couldn't accept and move without selling the house.  We decided to pray it in.  We asked God to have the house under contract by the end of the month.  We asked for a specific dollar amount.  We thanked God for answering us.  He is good.  The house sold in 10 days and the buyers want to close on the 29th of December, so we have lots of work to do!

So tomorrow, I discuss with my future employer the timeline of my start date.  It might be tricky with the holidays coming up.  I'll have to consider school letting out, giving my current job notice, moving four hours away, setting up a new apartment, oh and Christmas!

Next on my prayer list: job negotiations, new living arrangements, finances to fall in order, firm closing date without hiccups.  And of course, giving thanks for the goodness of God!



Some months feel fly by swiftly and drag at the same time.  This is one of those seasons.  A few weeks ago I took my MPJE for NC.  I was a nervous wreck, its been five years since I studied for my SC MPJE and I was afraid I forgot how.  I had loads of odd questions and felt like I failed, but 4 days later I found out I passed with flying colors!  I started the process 5 months ago and it will be a relief to have it completed. Tomorrow, I travel to Chapel Hill for my license and I'll officially be able to work in NC (read: find a job in NC and expand my search criteria).

Meanwhile, I've been had interviews and (another offer!) that came faster than I expected.  Too fast, I suppose, as I'm not in a place to accept them just yet.  We decided to list the house and sell before moving to avoid the two-mortgage/rent-per-month hassle.  Its the wise thing to do, but I'm so done with current work drama/issues its terribly difficult to be an adult and suck it up.  I don't want to talk about it on the Internet, especially while I'm still employed.  Maybe a juicy post will come later.  All I want is to complain, whine and storm out, but I'm trying to think of my family and the long-term solution.  The last few weeks we've tackled painting, yard work, de-cluttering, and packing up unnecessary things to ready the house for showings. Tomorrow, the house goes on the market.

And of course, my kiddos continue to grow and blossom.  My baby boy turned FIVE.  My daughter is talking up a storm and doing well in school.  My husband keeps me grounded and nurtures our family.  We have positive events despite the storms we are weathering.

The few years have been rough, but there is a change coming.  I pray it will be a good one for myself my family, and my career.  Please pray with us that our house will sell quickly.  Please pray a job opens up in a location that is best for my family.  Please pray I don't lose my mind before either one of those come to fruition.