Happy Momma's Day

Dear Momma,

I miss you.  I can't remember the last time I saw you for Momma's Day.  I know it won't be this year, even though I am close by.  But in little over a month, we will have the whole weekend.  Can you puh--leeeeaaase wait until then?  Thanks, I knew you'd be understanding.

Speaking of understanding, I understand you more, now.  More than I did three years ago.  And I want to say thank you.  Thank you for the sacrifices you made.  The ones we hear about, but don't understand until we make them ourselves for our children.  You know, the ones where you always pee with a kiddo in the room.  The lack of privacy is forgotten when you get a standing ovation for "going in the potty".  The sacrifice of eating every meal standing up while watching the kiddos with an hawks eye.  When you do sit down, you're always looking over your shoulder to make sure no one is drawing in the walls.  Thank you for listening to my every fear and worry.  Thank you for making me feel like I'm your favorite kid, when I know even more now there is no favorite child.  Each one is special and loved no more, no less.  A momma's love only grows.
Thank you for allowing me to falter and fail.  For allowing me to learn from my mistakes.  For making your own mistakes so I could also learn from those. 
But mostly, thank you for trusting me to Someone Else.  Thank you for praying for me and my future spouse.  You knew you couldn't watch me always, listen always, lead always, or comfort me always, but Someone Else can.  Your prayers to our Heavenly Father certainly helped.
Today, I thank God for trusting me to you.  For allowing us to learn from each other.

Happy Momma's Day!

Love Always,


Mom said...

Thank you for telling me what is in your heart. Reading this is so wonderful. Yes I can wait for you to be here and it won't be long now. You are a joy and delight always, my BFF but maybe that isn't right.
You have become a very strong, independent, and intelligent woman but most of all you are a MOM. That is the highest calling I think God gives women and you are doing an awesome job with Ainsley and Harry.

Happy Mom's Day to the smartest and most tallented woman I know.
Love you !

Mom said...

BTW. Andrew posted on his wall on FB not my wall the following:

Your mother may be the best in the world, but mine is the best in the galaxy. So there.. :p

I think it was for me, well I took it that way. I guess 2 of my children really understand who I am.