My Princess has an obsession with swimsuits.  I've mentioned it before.  She names for them, one is the "cocadot" swimsuit.

She means polka dot.  But I think it's cute, so I don't correct her that often.  She also has a sweet tooth.  She loves cupcakes, but she calls them muffins.  Sometimes, she calls them coo-cakes.  but usually, she calls them muffins.  Well, I recently went to a new bakery in town and it's called Coccadotts.  They specialize in cupcakes.  I had bought some for work, but loved them so much I had to purchase more to bring home.

Aren't they beautiful?  And they have fantabulous flavors, for example, cannoli cupcakes, shiraz, watermelon, and triple chocolate, just to name a few.

(sorry for the horrible phone pic)
 It's hard to pick just one when that all look so good.  I think this is going to be a bad discovery.  Coccadotts Cake Shop, the next place I'll buy cupcakes for a kiddos birthday instead of making another disaster like last time.

Coccadotts has no idea who I am.  I'm simply sharing my discovery since it made me smile.

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