We have a new family member!  Meet Coco!

I have not-so-secretly been wanting a cat for quite some time.  The usual excuses have prevented me from getting one for several years, living in a rental, having a baby, impending cross-county move, etc.  since we bought the house, its been in the plan to get a family pet.  Hubby has dreams of getting a dog, and me, a cat.  It just so happened that a cat found her way to us a bit sooner.

One weekend at work, my employees found a kitten in a storm drain.  We had some thunderstorms recently, and she was stuck.  They rescued her and took her to a vet.  She is young, but otherwise in good health and unharmed.  Monday evening, I found myself with a new kitten.

She is adjusting well, and so are the kiddos.  Princess decided on day 2 she was terrified of the cat and refused to be in the same room.  However, that evening she relaxed a bit, and although she doesn't want the cat to sit on her, she does give it kisses goodnight and has even stroked her.  I also give credit to Princess for the name.  It took about four days.  I asked Princess what we are going to call the cat ("kitty" is not an acceptable name) and true to her nature, everything I suggested, was refuted with a bold "NO".  However, when I suggested "Coco" she said "Coco kitty!"  The name has stuck and Coco has become family.

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