Planning Ahead

I have big plans for the weekend.  It mostly involves things around the house.  Lately, I have been squandering my time off.  I end up being lazy and making my "to do" list longer for the next time around.  I keep trying to tell myself I'll have plenty of time to sleep when my kiddos are grown.  Anyway, my hope is to post my list, then maybe I will have some accountability or sense of accomplishment as I strike-through the "dones"  Ready?

  • Hem curtains in living room (measured off, so they are now 4 inches too long instead of 14, oops)
  • Measure existing pillows for pillow covers and WRITE DOWN
  • De-clutter kitchen counters (although I think they are cluttered again already)
  • Make one meal  (bonus points for two meals that will last a few days?!)
  • Hang curtains in Princess room
  • Hang art in kiddo's rooms
  • Have family time on beach
  • Walk on beach by myself early in the morning
  • Go to church
  • Hem curtains in my bedroom
  • Make iced coffee
  • Take pictures of kids, even if they are messy
Ok, so realistically, I won't get ALL of these done, but even if I get five done, I will be happy.  Anyone else in my boat?  Do you have to write a list two days in advance in hopes of getting one third of it done?

UPDATE:  We managed to get nine (9!) done!  I even made cookies I pinned on Pinterest plus an extra meal!  We ran out of butter so I had to stop baking.  Kiddos were even in bed at 8pm both nights!  I guess I should employ this list-making more often.

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