Its Summertime

We've had a pretty hot summer like the rest of you.  And in case you didn't know, most people don't like to be cooped inside for days on end.  I mean, how much TV can you watch?  Even my kiddos, who are   little couch potatoes in the making, ask to go outside after so long.  And some days I'm not up for a family outing to Target or the grocery store.  We have a budget to stick to, and its difficult when you have an extra four hands "helping" to put things in the cart.  I love the beach, but lets face it, if I can entertain my kids without throwing sand, I'm more inclined to pick the no sand option.  Especially if I am still washing sand out of my hair from the last incident two days ago.  Enter in the "cozy coupe".  Its a life saver.  I didn't buy it.  I don't have helpers buying extra snacks.  I don't have sand being thrown.  My kiddos have learned the concept of sharing and taking turns.  I think its the best gift I have demanded requested for my kids to date.

Yes, it was really hot.  And it wasn't even noon.  I think we were only out 30 minutes before mom got too hot.

Handsome loves to get in and out.  When his turn came around and the door was open to the care, he would shut it, then open it again, in order for him to get in the car.  It even has a lock on the inside.

I hope Princess' driving isn't any indication of what is to come when she is 16.  She likes to drive and get "stuck" in the bushes and have Mommy pull her out.  I don't intend to be playing that game in 13 years.

What is your "go to" activity for hot weather?  What do you do when you run out of  Yo Gabba Gabba episodes?

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