Dream House

Its a dreary day.  Its raining again.  Don't get me wrong, I love the rain.  I love its sweet smell and the lovely green it leaves behind.  So while I'm cooped up in the house letting my two kiddos watch way too much TV,  I'm remembering the lovely walk on the beach we took last week.  I almost got rid of my mary jane crocs before we moved, but I am incredibly thankful I didn't.  They are the perfect beach shoe, even if they are ugly.

I think these boats are lovely.  I'm not sure if they are for rent, or are privately owned.  They are beached along a stretch that doesn't have any condos.   Someday, I would love to own a home here.
This is my dream house.  Do you have a dream house?  I am still longing and waiting for the day to own my own house, and realistically, we won't be able to afford something this close to the beach.  I've never really been stuck on a particular style of house; however, this one has made quite an impression on me.

I adore the craftsman style, the raised beach style, the porch, and the windows.  It's my dream to live in something like this.  I think it is beautiful.  And I haven't even seen the inside!

Can you imagine waking up to this view?!  I'm telling you, someday I will.  Someday, even if I am 60 years old, I will wake up to this.  I will drink coffee on my screened in porch (sans bugs) and smell the salt air blow in.

I love my home.  Tell me about your dream home.  Does it begin with Crocs and end with salty air?


Carly said...

Haha, no, I'm afraid my dream house has nothing to do with the beach. I really don't know if I even have a dream house, but I'm sure it would be in a small wooded area within a 15 drive of really awesome shopping.

mme said...

I felt the same as you until I saw this house. Plus, this is 15 minutes or less to really awesome shopping!

Carly said...

Haha...you know, I was looking up wind farms in the Carolinas the other day. There's really not much. Haha.

mme said...

maybe you could start a wind farm? I wish you were here....