Living Room Update

We've been working hard on making the living room, well, livable.  All cardboard boxes have finally been banished.  Accent chair ordered, one floor lamp purchased, and even a picture on the wall.  Wanna see it?
Ok, so that cardboard box is technically in the dining room.  I promise.

Plastic box doesn't count.  Neither does the pink sippy cup.

So far, I'm pretty happy with it.  I think it looks good for one month post-moving day.  I love the natural light that comes in during the day, I love the chocolate floors, the high ceiling, and my bookshelves.  The room normally doesn't look like this.  Usually, it has toy-puke all over and pillows on the floor.

Now for the to do list:
  • purchase accent chair
  • purchase throw pillows for appropriate season fabric and color
  • hem curtains (waiting for momma to bring her iron)
  • add more curtains for fullness?
  • put up more pictures/artwork
  • disguise ugly cable outlet somehow
  • accessorize shelves
  • replace computer chair
  • add functional end table and lamp?
Wow, that seems list is getting rather long.  I think I'll stop for now.  Any ideas for disguising the cable outlet?  It's puzzling me.


Carly said...

That is looking great! I <3 your bookshelves and rug, particularly. Where did you get those bookshelves, are they a bazillion dollars a piece, and are they real wood?

mme said...

The bookshelves I purchased from Target. Online, 10% off, free shipping. Not a bazillion dollars. Mostly wood. They had several colors online. Rug is also from Target.

Carly said...

Good to know. Thanks.