Beach Walk

We try to take family walks on the beach a few times a week.  With my work schedule, it we usually only make it about three times; and it is usually late in the evening, around 8 o'clock when the weather is a bit cooler and the beach is less crowded.  I find its a nice way to unwind and talk with my hubby while keeping the kiddos tied up.  And this time, we finally made it to the beach with a camera.  Of course I had to snap a few before and on-the-way pics.  Here are the kiddos not thrilled about a picture time-out.  They just wanted to be moving.  Not that I really blame them, it was hot and humid.

 This is the view out our driveway.  I know you can't see the ocean very well in this picture, but it is there!  I promise!
I love that I just have to walk two blocks for this!
And this is what happens when your camera fogs up due to the humidity.  And this is the best picture I could post.  I'm so sorry you don't get a picture of the view directly on the beach; blame it on slight technical difficulties.  This is the closest lifeguard stand.  After about 15 minutes, the lens/mirror/camera stuff adjusted and I got a few more pictures.  Actually, hubby took the pics.
 And of course the kiddos did not want to stop.  If they aren't moving, they must be in the sand or the water, not strapped in a stroller.  So we snapped several pictures of our screaming children while tourists walked by.  In ten years I will be thankful I have any pictures of my kiddos early childhood, right?
The wind makes it hard to take a nice picture, but feels amazing and make the humidity bearable.  Maybe next time I can get some pictures without everyone screaming.  Someday, I would like a nice picture of the family sitting in the dunes on the beach. Is that too much to ask?

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