Steal of a Deal

Do you read magazines?  I love them, but rarely spend the money.  Glossy pages are something I rarely splurge on except for plane rides.  And a subscription?  Forget about it.  But in four to six weeks, that will change.  And I have this woman to thank for it.  I didn't know Amazon has a magazine sale.  Heck, I didn't even know magazines went on sale.  Nevertheless, I didn't let my lack of knowledge hold me back.  I took it ran...straight to the Amazon checkout.

I ordered House Beautiful and Coastal Living.  Two things I aspire for and maybe these subscriptions will help my ideals come to fruition!  At $5 and $8 for a 10 issues each, I will at least get a lot of eye candy on the cheap.  House Beautiful is normally $5 per issue!  Amazon has the sale going on through October 11th, so don't delay!

So what do you think?  Are you a magazine glutton or rarely partake, like me?  What are your favorite glossy pages?


Peggy said...

I need to check in and order those copies. I never buy magazines but I think the ideas in them are great. Thanks for posting the information.

Jennifer said...

I ordered House Beautiful too! $5 is cheap...just don't like automatic renewal thing.

Carly said...

Does the Pier One catalogue count as a "magazine"?

mme said...

I don't think Pier One counts as a subscription...but i suppose it is a magazine. I'm glad you all could take advantage of the good deal!