Arm Candy

I've been searching for a new purse for a while.  I didn't really know what I was looking for, so the search has been difficult.  My criteria were rather vague.
  • must look grown up
  • no visible brand name
  • preferably leather
  • like the "hobo" style, but not set on it
I struggle with black or brown.  I didn't really want either, but I wanted the handbag to be something I can carry with both colors.  I wanted to love it.  The time had come to stop settling for things I will replace once I'm bored or they fall apart.  Is this really that difficult?

Then I found her.  But she had so many things going against her.  For one, she was in a brand name store.  That meant she was pricey.  Plus, she was bright blue.  Can I really car a blue bag around for the next 10 years? (I have a red one I've had at least that long)  I put her down and told hubby its too much.  I can't do this.  I walked away.

Nevertheless, it was love at first sight.  I couldn't get her out of my mind.  That's how I knew she was the one.  So we returned.  And guess what?  She was 50% off.  Plus an additional 20% that day only.  I had gift cards from my birthday,  so my out-of-pocket expense was only 100 beans.  I scored a good deal plus a beautiful piece of arm candy.

Meet my beautiful new sapphire blue Coach purse.  Isn't she lovely?  I adore the color, the slight sparkle the embossed leather gives, and the fact she doesn't say "Coach" anywhere.  ( I am removing the small tag ASAP)  Plus, she has three roomy compartments and two small pockets.  She fits wonderfully over my shoulder (and advantage to being petite).  I hope we remain friends for years to come.

What do you think?  Anyone else as finicky as me about choosing new handbags?  Or shoes?  Spill the details.


Jennifer said...

I'm the same way, but I tend to change purses at least every 6 months. I used to love Coach purses but now I have come to my senses and don't want to spend that much when I change them up so frequently..unless they are on sale. I also agree on not having that big Coach emblem on the purse. I do have a small crossover bag for traveling that has the small C's and I do use that, but plan to change it eventually. I like what you chose!

mme said...

I know how you feel about the Coach purses. I was really against getting one b/c I feel you are paying for the name. The first time I wore it into a gas station I felt self-conscious! I had remember no one can tell what it is...and I love it so it really doesn't matter!