Weekend List

Making lists here seems to help me be more productive over the weekend.  So here it goes.

  • Walk.  Seriously do it.  Maybe three times.  oops.  didn't do this one.  i blame it on feeling poorly.
  • Church on Sunday.  You haven't been in nearly 2 months.  oops.  didn't do this either.  see above.
  • Hang up the curtains.  Again.  yesss.  one down.
  • Hem the curtains this time.  pinned up one.
  • Make of list of food needed for H's party next week.  Buy some of it.  yess. #2 done.
  • Put fall clothes away.  Trade out summer stuff. This deserves three bullet points. another win.
What are your weekend plans?  Anything more exciting then housework?

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