PB and O

Last weekend I took some extra time off.  I had five glorious days off work.  The weather cooled down (60ish); and we went to visit my parents.  We had a grand time.  Mom and had went shopping at Target, had Starbucks, and we even sent my dad to pick up Chipotle.  Now, I haven't had Chipotle since we moved, (think 4 months?) so that in and of itself is noteworthy.  And in case you are wondering, it was delicious.  That evening, my parents started a fire in the fire-pit in their backyard and we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.  I only had one heart-attack moment with my Princess and the fire, so I think it was rather successful.  It was a perfect fall evening.

The next day, hubby and I set out to the Pottery Barn Outlet.  I was beside myself with anticipation and joy.  Seriously, it's disturbing how excited I was.  I really didn't know what to expect, but I felt like I needed to visit to know if it is worth the daydreams.  The PBO is four and half hours from my house and about a hour and a half from my parents house.  This isn't a trip made on a whim.

I planned on looking at every. single. item.  I wanted to make mental notes and even take pictures.  My hope is that it would be worth a second trip.  I needed to score some serious deals.  I had budgeted to spend between 75 and 100 dollars, its just a matter of what I was going to purchase.  Well, I left the camera at my parents house.  I also forgot my ipad and sunglasses.  I was going to have rely solely on my memory.  The good news is I LOVE PBO.  They had a very good selection of kids bedding, furniture, toys, and decor.  I should have done some Christmas shopping.  The store had a little bit of everything.  We saw couches, dining room tables and chairs, media furniture, office furniture, dishes, bedding, lamps, rugs, EVERYTHING.  If you need a lantern, this was the place to go.  Apparently, they just received a large shipment of lanterns.  I was disappointed in the pillow selection.  It was small and boring.  All items were discounted; with the furniture having the steepest discounts.  Some of it was slightly damaged.  Hubby fell in love with a leather reclining armchair.  It was steeply discounted.  We debated and measured and weighed the possibilities of purchasing it.  I mean, it was a really good deal.  Unfortunately, it would not make the trip all the way home.  While we could fit it in our car back to my parents house, once we put the kiddos and car seats back in, it would no longer fit.  Ultimately, we decided to leave the amazing chair and wait for a better planned trip.  The point of this adventure was to scout out the place; we really hadn't anticipated for any major purchases. 

Nevertheless, I feel our road trip was successful.  While I did not purchase anything, (I know, huge surprise) we learned a lot.  I truly enjoyed myself and the time alone with Hubby.  We feel it is worth an additional trip when the time comes to purchase more furniture.  While the inventory will constantly change, some pieces are discounted enough to make the trip worth while.  

Anyone else been to a PBO?  What are your thoughts/comments?

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