Grandma and the Beach

In mid-October my Grandmother made the trek from the midwest to the beach for a visit.  We hadn't seen her since June and we missed each other terribly.  I was lucky enough to have a three day weekend.  The first afternoon we had together we walked to the beach.  It was a beautiful afternoon and here are some of the lovely pictures we took.

Grandma and Handsome making a sand castle.

Group pic.  Sorta.

Don't remember what he was pointing at, but we have about 5 pictures of it.

Princess did a lot of jumping.  The tide was out, so there were a few tide pools.  She enthusiastically jumped in ALL of them.

Meanwhile, Handsome took a break and chilled out.  Literally.

Then, he worked on exfoliating his feet/legs.

Finally, he ran around yelling "I gunna gistchu!"  In actuality, we had to get him.  Thank goodness I didn't have to carry him home. 

Aren't my munchkins adorable?  Thanks for visiting Grandma!

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