So I went out of town..

Good Morning!  I missed you!  It feels good to be home in my house; although that's not to say I didn't enjoy our mini-vacation.  I get to kick start my week back to the grind with a few overnights, so posting might be a bit rocky for the next few days.  Anyhoo, I'll try to load you up with a good post today.

Friday night we planned to high-tail it out-of-town to make the four hour trek to Mimi and Papa's house.  We wanted to leave promptly after I got off work.  Two hours later, we drove thru Burger King and hit the road.  We drove straight to a Chik-fil-a.  Hubby's bro was the live music for their Friday night.  Our Chik-fil-a's aren't that classy.  The kiddo's enjoyed Ice Dream and the play-land.  Sorry, no pics.  I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

The next morning, we hung out with the in-laws until lunchtime.  We ate at a fabulous Italian eatery called Elizabeth's.  It is extra fabulous because you can call your order in ahead of time.  Then show up 30 minutes later, sit down, and they bring your hot food right out.  Talk about heaven when you have a two and three year old.  Plus, the food is yummy and I'm already dreaming about the next plate of chicken parmesan.  After lunch, Hubs and I said our good-byes to the kiddos and drove West. 

This weekend is National Pick Your Christmas Tree Weekend.  Did you know that?  Ok, maybe they just celebrate it in North Carolina.  Every other car had a tree tied to its top.  Many had two trees.  Some pick-ups had their bed full.  Seriously.  I wish I thought to get a picture.  I wish we hadn't already bought our Christmas Tree at Lowes.  Wanna see a picture of a Christmas Tree farm?

Yes, I snapped this as the car was moving.  Hubby wouldn't stop.

Love the dotted rows.

The hillside is COVERED.  Amazing.

This isn't just one tree farm.  There were several.  I think we were the only one's who didn't buy a tree that weekend.  We saw a guy at the Food Lion that night with, get this, FIVE trees tied to the top of his suburban.  Hubs and I declared him the tree winner.  Seriously, five trees.  And he stopped at Food Lion before heading home.  He must not have an antsy family waiting to decorate those five trees.
How do you obtain your Christmas tree?  I already mentioned we purchased ours from Lowes. (hey, they were next to Target and I really didn't want look too hard.  don't judge)  We've always had a live tree since we've been married, but never gone to a Christmas Tree Farm.  What's your family tradition?


Carly said...

We nearly always go chop one down, if we can. It's easy, here, because we have a pretty good tree farm 5 miles from my house. We went over the weekend.

tiffany said...

Hubby and I use my fabulously tacky 5 foot tall Christmas tree that I bought for $15 the day after Christmas at Walmart 7 years ago. It came complete with optic lighting and tinsel-tipped tree branches, so it's extra shiny. It's only mildly rediculous. Mildly...

Jennifer said...

As a kid we always went with my mom and cut one down in the pasture. They were always HUGE in the house, but as I got older my allergies got to me really bad with the tree in the house and we went artificial. In our new house our previous tree looked like a midget!!! Not kidding either. A 7.5 ft tree in a 12 ft ceiling room looks funny. Luckily a friend bought a new prelit tree and I got her old non-prelit tree that is 9.5 ft. Looks WAY better!

mme said...

I adore hearing your Christmas tree stories. While I like the smell of the live trees, I'm secretly yearning for a house with more storage space so I can have an artificial tree. I think it will be less mess and more cost effective in the long run. Hubby doesn't agree.