I'm Thanful for Motherhood.

I've been a mother for 3 and 1/2 years.  I can't remember my previous life.  I didn't intend to become a momma when I did.  I was still in school.   We were renting a one bedroom apartment.  But I'm glad I did.  Now, my days are disgusting and stressful.  I'm always tired.  I've changed a diaper every day for three and a half years!  Yet my heart melts at seeing their smiles and hearing the little voices.  Everyday brings new growth, new joy.  My life is difficult, nevertheless, I can't imagine living any other way.  

I am thankful for these two munchkins coming along and showing me how to grow and mature as an adult.  It's as though they are teaching me more than I can teach them.  For this journey of motherhood, I am thankful.

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