So Thankful

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in one week!  I can hardly wait to eat turkey and all the extras!  I actually have to work this year so I think hubby and I are going to cook on Wednesday (I am off) and have our big meal, then eat leftovers on Thanksgiving day.  After all one of the best parts about Thanksgiving are the leftovers!  Don't you agree?  

Spark Holiday

Anyways, from now until next Thursday I am going to post one thing I am thankful for.  Sometimes, it's hard to sit and think about what is really important in the hustle of life.  This time of year forces many of us to mull it over.  I love sharing a wonderful meal with family and friends to remind us of what we are thankful for and how fortunate we really are.  Will you join with me this week?  Will you take the time to "count your blessings'?  Please leave a comment or re-blog your thankfulness!

I'll go first.  I am thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers.  Not only are they amazing to eat, but each bite reminds me of Thanksgiving, my family, friends, and what we are thankful for.  Good food makes me happy and ties in the memory of the special day.  (as long as we didn't talk about politics or religion and no one stormed off angry.)  It's like Thanksgiving for as long as the leftovers last!  

Your turn!

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Peggy said...

Thanksgiving is a national holiday where family and friends gather together to share a meal, stories and their hearts. It doesn't have to be a Turkey, but can be anything that the family chooses. This year we are having Bar B Q brisket, mashed potatos, green beens and apple crunch cake. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.