Handsome's First Party

My handsome baby boy is turning two, so naturally we are having two birthday parties.  We had one two weeks ago while my grandmother and my parents were visiting.  We ordered pizza, had salad, and red velvet cake.  And of course we opened presents.  He only had two, but that's enough.  

Most of our pictures are of Handsome and legs.  So basically it was a leg party.  I tried to show minimal leg.  

We had to get out the power tools to put together his toy.  Seriously.  Maybe because we had two engineers working on it.

 It was even complicated enough for my dad to read instructions.  Amazing.  And I even got a picture.

This is Handsome feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed.  He couldn't understand what was taking so long.  All he wants to do is play cars.

Finally!  Everyone gets to play!

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