Handsome's Second Birthday Party

My baby boy turned two!  We celebrated with two parties.  (here is the first one.)  The second one I planned a bit better.  It wasn't at impromptu.  I enjoy organizing and planning a party when I have the time.  I chose a harvest/fall theme so I could take advantage of the seasonal decorations. 

house salad
crockpot lasagna
garlic bread
pumpkin bread and cake
salted caramel cupcakes
apple cider

Forgive me for not taking pictures of the main course.  I had a house full of hungry people and kiddos that were pre-occupied with cupcakes and presents.  The recipe for crockpot lasagna can be found here.  The only alteration I made was to add 1lb of ground hamburger to appease Hubby.  It turned out delicious.  The dessert recipes can be found here and here.

For the party decor, I uses items I already had on hand.  Mini pumpkins, upcycled glass jars with raffia paper and yellow fabric tied on.  I did buy the flowers at the grocery store.  It was one bouquet and I split it up. 

Here is my angel waiting patiently for his cupcake.

Devouring said cupcake. He is so serious!

Playing with a train while waiting for Papa to get the fire truck out of the package.

Finally!  Getting to play with the fire truck!  Oh to be two again!

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