Fall Closet Remix

It's finally that time of year here at the beach.  You know what I mean.  The weather is cooler.  Like 60s.  That's what fall is here.  With the occasional 76 degree day.  At least that's what I am told.  The breezy ocean air chills things off at night to the 40s.  I like this kind of cold.  I haven't switched from iced coffee to hot at Starbucks, yet, but I have thought about it.  I'm even itching to bake something with pumpkin in it.  But I'll save that for another post.  This weekend, however, I tackled the closet.

I have actually been excited about this.  I've been waiting in anticipation.  I love fall clothes.  Especially when I haven't been able to wear them in 8 months or more.  This autumn is a bit different, because  I boxed most of these up early.  As you may recall, we moved in June.  I started packing in January.  At the first hint of Spring, I sifted through my winter and fall clothes, purging anything I didn't wear, anything with holes, too stretched out, anything that didn't fit, anything I didn't want to take.  I basically only moved my favorites.  And I've missed them.  Clothes that you love are like good friends.  I think fall clothes are my best friends.  Anyway, the point is, that I have been looking forward to the season changing and bringing out my fall boxes.

I smartened up a bit this year.  I've been staying away from browsing the online clothing stores and the mall.  Usually, I fall hard for a cool weather must-have and decide I need 10 new shirts and 5 new pants for the cold weather before I open up my boxes.  This year, somehow I've been busy and haven't had the time to look.  I "went shopping" in my closet as I switched out the seasons.  And I am delighted.  I think my Hubby will be too once he realizes how much money I saved.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I buy something to update my wardrobe, but it will be a smarter purchase since I already know what I have currently in my closet.

 These totes had to be unpacked, then re-packed, with the appropriate clothing.  First things first, I had to take inventory of closet.

I am afraid of commitment, so I can't put away all my short-sleeved shirts.  I kept a few favorites.   Everything else I threw on bed.  All baskets and piled clothing, you guessed it, thrown on the bed.  Then, I tossed all worn out clothing and clothing I didn't wear at all this summer.  The remains were packed up.  Finally, I dust-mopped the closet.  Deep breaths and apple juice rounded out stage one.  (what?  I have toddlers)

I unpacked THREE tubs of clothes.  Seriously, do I have this much?  Thank goodness they aren't all full.  Then, I separated out the real winter stuff.  It hasn't froze yet, so I shouldn't have it taking up precious closet space.  I set aside clothes I don't remember wearing last year.  I know I did this before I moved, but there were several shirts I remember having reasons NOT to wear them.  Organized chaos abounds on my bed and spills into baskets on the floor.

On to the juicy stuff of hanging up shirts, organized by color, in order of the rainbow.  Yes, we have already established I'm weird.

Then socks, panties, and belts were placed in separate baskets.

Pants were folded and place in drawer,  plus camis/loungepants/nighties were folded and place in drawer. 

Cardigans and bras on hooks.

Fold sweaters, place on upper shelf alongside cold-er weather pants and skirts.

Hang scarves on back of bathroom door.

Pack up clothing reserved for cold-er weather.  Pack up clothing to be donated.  Re-dust floor.

I like to label my storage totes with duct tape and black marker.  As long as I remember to stack them all the same direction, it works out rather well.  And I can't say enough for wicker baskets.  I purchased the ones seen here from Pier 1 my junior year of college.  They have moved with me numerous times, stored many things, and kept me sane.  I love the look they lend.

Anyone else tackle a project this weekend?  Perhaps you got to experience some fall weather?  Please tell me someone else gets as giddy over a freshly organized space as I do?


Carly said...

YES I do. It's really sad that organization makes me so happy. I tackled toys a month ago...it was the best day of my life. Well, maybe not quite, but it was on the top ten. Haha.

mme said...

ooooo, toy organization! that's a daunting task!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE organizing and all things organized. I can't stand it when I can't find something. It's starting to get cold here..flurries last night, so I need to get out my winter sweaters. I also organize my closet my color and Matt makes fun of me for it. Glad I'm not the only one!

mme said...

organizing by color makes it easier to find what you are looking for! plus, its nicer looking when you open up your closet. I'm glad someone else thinks that, too.

Betsy said...

We have a large closet so all our clothing stays up year round. I organize by color and style. I am actually going thru the whole house this week. I'm decluttering and organizing/rearranging everything. This summer I let the house go and I desperately need to calm my ocd by getting it back to "normal". Jake doesn't care, he just hangs his stuff up wherever and I try not to look at it as I will feel the need to "fix" it :)