Leaving town, part 2

Our destination was Blowing Rock.  Hub's family has been going there every year since he was little, specifically, Chetola Resort.  It's a lovely resort in the mountains.  Hubby has childhood memories of family vacations here and I'm glad I had the chance to have a glimpse of them.

We arrived Saturday night.  A two hour drive turned into three as an accident had the interstate shut down and we had to navigate the back roads of North Carolina.  That put us rolling into the resort just before sunset.  We decided to take it easy that night and our only excitement was going to the grocery store.  We watched lots of cable TV before heading to bed.  I got to watch HGTV, so I consider that a vacation.

The next morning, we forced ourselves to sleep in.  It was actually hard.  I woke at 6 and 8am.  And 9 and 9:30.  Why is it that I can't sleep on the one day my children are in care of someone else?  Anyway, we decided to roll out of bed and check out the town of Blowing Rock.

The town is small and lovely.  It was a bit chilly because of the wind, but we walked the main street anyway.  Only a handful of shops were open.  I guess it really isn't tourist season.  There were numerous art galleries, gift shops, eateries, and such.  I had already been warned they are a bit pricey.  Hubs and I decided to try our hand at the outlets.  We had a bit of luck there finding a hat for Princess and some boots for Handsome.  And of course, fudge.  Then we drove down to Boone.

Boone is about 10 minutes down the mountain from Blowing Rock.  It is home to Appalachian State University.  I learned Hubby actually considered going to college there; I'm glad he didn't.  We walked around downtown before heading to the mall.  By this point I was starving.  We ate at Panera.  I really miss that place.  We don't have one close to us.  With full tummies and sore feet, we headed home.  More HGTV followed and lamenting where to go for dinner.  You will have to forgive me.  I'm not very good at going on vacation.  I didn't take any pictures, we did all the shopping in one afternoon, and my excitement it catching up on HouseHunters.  Plus, we only ate at chains.  Outback was dinner.  I promise more pictures next time.

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Carly said...

When we went on "vacation" to go visit Cam's parents in Utah, most of what I did involved eating or watching HGTV, too. I think it's better than coming back from vacation more tired than when you went.