A New Christmas Tradition

We had a wonderful Christmas, did you?  I adore watching my kiddos open gifts and smile with delight.  Its now my favorite part of Christmas.

Princess had a good morning.  She woke up to this:

My dad made it.  I found the plans here.  I furnished it from Land of Nod.

Notice all the furniture on the floor?  Apparently, that's where it really goes.  She is obsessed with the mattress and pillows for the doll beds.  Its now up in her room, and she loves it.  Thanks, Dad!

Handsome gift was a bit smaller scale, but he loved it just the same. 
(its an engine house for his trains)

The pictures with him playing are all blurry.  He wouldn't stay still.

And this is my living room amidst the chaos.

So we did what anyone does when their house is a hot mess: we left.
And did this:

Is this not the cutest baby boy ever?

I am in love with this girl.

Running on the sand is an amazing stress reliever.  I think we will have to make it apart of our Christmas tradition.  Don't you agree?

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Carly said...

Sounds good! I just tossed my "hot mess" into a large trash bag and moved on. Haha.